We've stopped the development and sale of AVChat on 1st of September 2018. Tech support has ended on 30 November 2018.
For similar products we recommend looking into WebRTC based alternatives like https://appear.in or TokBox Video Chat Embeds.

Tons of features, very flexible

Audio & Video •  Themes •  More Members •  Monetize •  Mobile •  Rich Text Chat •  Security Features •  Administration

High Quality Audio and Video Chat

Group Video Chat for your website

Unlimited Group Video Chat

AVChat allows for group video chat with no limit on the ammount of simultaneous users. The only limit is the bandwidth and screen real estate :).

Secure Audio and Video Streams

All data, including audio and video, can streamed in a secure way using the SSL/rtmps or rtmpe encryption.

Record Video Streams

AVChat can record all video streams to .flv video files on the media server.

Event Broadcasts

AVChat can be setup for live broadcasts where you have 1 cam and many viewers.

Pay Per View API

The PPV API allows you to integrate AVChat in a pay per view scenario were members pay a fee for viewing streams or just for being present in the chat.

Full Screen Video Chat

AVChat allows you to view video streams in full screen.

Easy to zoom in and out

AVChat users can zoom in and out of a webcam stream using their mouse wheel
Video Chat with HD quality audio video

HD Quality Audio Video

AVChat supports up to Full HD / 1080p video quality.
Video Chat with private and public streams

Private and Public Streams

Chat users can make their webcam private and invite only their friends to view it.

Customize The Way It Looks With Themes

AVChat new themes

AVChat now ships with 2 themes - a light one and a dark one - but you can also create your own.

Sharing AVChat Will Add New Members To Your Community

Share your chat on Facebook and Twitter

Special Sharing Panel That Makes It Easy To Share

Chat users can send a link to their friends to join the chat, post on their own Facebook and Twitter time line, send invite messages to other Facebook users and embed the chat in their own blog or site.

AVChat Is Cheaper To Run And Can Make You Money

Less Money Spent on Bandwidth

AVChat 3 automatically prevents audio and video streams from actually being broadcasted if no one is watching them thus reducing the monthly bandwidth bill on your media server.

Show Ads

Showing ads on the video chat page is the easiest way to start earning money.

Sell Memberships

If you have a membership based website then you can allow access to the chat - or some of it’s features - only to paying members. This will encourage more visitors and free members to upgrade to your premium plan.

Pay Per View Revenue

Integrate the PPV API with your existing website credits and charge members for presence in the chat or for viewing streams.

Affiliate Revenue

AVChat’s rotating messages bot can be configured to show affiliate links in your chat. You will earn money when someome clicks one of those links and purchases the advertised product or service.

Keep Mobile Users Connected

Our all new mobile version works on the go on iPhones, iPads and Android.

Login Screen

When clicking the chat link in your website the login page will open up in a new mobile browser window allowing your website visitor to choose a username and gender.


The rooms page allows your visitors to decide what room to join based on the name, description, how many people are chatting and whether it's open or private. Members can be automatically logged in.

Text Chat

The mobile version of AVChat allows you to chat in real time with other people in the room. The mobile text chat supports emote icons, uploaded images, links and system messages.

Users List

The mobile users list shows you who's in the room, their gender, avatar, whether or not they have webcams and if they're on desktop or on a mobile device.

Text Chat, Emoteicons, File Sharing

rich text chat with options and live previews

Rich Text Chat

The text chat allows for truly rich text chat with formatting, font options and live image/YouTube previews.
upload images and watch youtube videos in chat

YouTube Videos and Pictures

YouTube videos and uploaded/posted pictures are automatically previewed in the chat.
chat with private messages

Private Messages

AVChat allows for PM messages to be sent between users in separate text chat tabs.
chat with editable animated emoticons

Emoteicon packs

AVChat ships with 2 emoteicon packs and more can be downloaded from our forum, even animated ones.
show who's typing in chat

Who is typing

AVChat will show in real time who is typing at the top of the text chat area.

RTL Mode

AVChat has an RTL mode for RTL languages like Arabic and Hebrew..
report users in chat

Report users

In AVChat it is easy to report users. A screenshot of the text chat and a picture of their webcam is saved together with the reason why the user has been reported. Reports are also sent by email.


Badwords and Badnicks List

AVChat can prevent a list of words - defined in an external xml file - from showing up in the chat or from being used as nicks or room names.

Record Video Streams

AVChat can be setup to record all incoming audio and video streams to .flv files on the media server for later review.

Encrypt Everything

In AVChat everything can be encrypted: rooms passwords, streams as they travel between users.

Limited Extensions For Uploads

By default, in AVChat, you can only share files with a pre approved extension. You can add or remove extensions from this list.

Rooms Flood Protection

AVChat ships with a limit of 100 maximum rooms (can be changed) to prevent users from spamming the chat by creating many rooms. In addition, as an admin, you cand delete many rooms at once by selecting multiple rooms using SHIFT or CTRL+Click

Smart Flood Prevention

AVChat uses a smart algorithm to prevent a user from flooding the room with messages. We won’t say more about it besides the fact that it works great :).

IP Check for Admins

You can limit the IPs from which admins connect to a set of fixed IPs or to an IP range.

SWF Location Check

The media server is setup to only accept connections from swf files located on the licensed domain.

Secure Script Execution

Certain scripts in the chat folder are called and executed only by your media server. Their execution can be limited to only the media server IP.

Block Emails and Links

AVChat can be configured to not show links or emails in the chat.

Video Stream Watermark

As a site owner you can define a watermark to be shown over each video stream during viewing. This helps prevent re-broadcasting.

Filename Check for Admins

In certain countries with dynamic ips like Brazil it is hard to limit who can access the admin features based on ip so we’ve added a feature where only if your admin interface - admin.swf - has a certain file name you will be allowed to perform admin functions like kick, ban, delete room, etc.

Disabled Localhost Connections

By default AVChat does not allow connections from localhost. We do this to prevent other localhost installations from connecting to yours.

Report Members (With Email API)

AVChat’s report members feature is really powerful. As a user you can report webcams or members. As an admin you can view reports, access report data, view screenshots of the reported webcam and text chat, and even receive instant emails when a someone reports something.

Admin Area

Login as hidden + special admin icon

Using the admin interface you can login as hidden or as visible using the normal male/female/couple icons or a special admin icon.

Full rooms management capabilities

Admins can create new rooms,delete existing ones (or groups of rooms), they can close rooms or edit them.

Join private rooms

Admins can join private rooms without needing the passwords. Just one of the joys of being an admin. The site owner can turn off this ability off.

View private messages

Admins can view private messages sent between users. The site owner can turn off this ability off.

Kick and ban users

As an admin you can kick and ban users (using ip, cookies or username) for bad behaviour. You can also ban specific ip's and ip ranges or usernames.

Silence users

While logged in as an admin you will have the ability to silence an user. A silenced user can not type or do anything else, he can only watch the text chat.

Real time bandwidth usage info

While logged in in the admin area you can view in real time the bandwidth usage for AVChat.


As an admin you have access to all reports and their information: reason, cam screenshot, text chat screenshot, reported user info (including IP) and reporter user info.

View private streams

Admins can view private streams without needing permission. The site owner can turn off this ability.

Detailed info about each user

As an admin you can view a lot of detailed information about each user in the chat room: ip, flash player version, OS, connection protocol, who the user is looking at.

Extended chat history

When an admin joins a room he immediately sees the last 100 lines of text chat. This gives him the ability to analyse what happened while he was away.

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