The login screen in AVChat 3 shows up to ask the user for its username and gender. However if you provide these info’s via avc_settings.php or avc_settings.asp the login is not needed anymore so it will be skipped! So this is what you need to do in order to auto login users: set the value of $config[‘username’] to something (like the username of the person logged in the website) change the value of $config[‘gender’] to male, female or couple set $config[‘changegender’]=0; so the user will not be given the chance to change its gender set $config[‘changeuser’]=0; so the user will not beĀ given the chance to change its username You can also use $config[‘disableGenderSelection’] to disable the gender selection altogether and[…]

As we promised, theĀ  AVChat 3 video chat module for phpFox 2 is ready. Besides compatibility with phpFox 2, this module is more powerful, easier to install and easier to use than the one we had for 1.6 . Features in the phpFox 2 module: automatic user name, gender and profile picture integration independent permissions control for each user group (in admin control panel) user profiles integration automatic integration with the user and admin menus it installs as any other phpFox 2 module compatible with SEO friendly URL’s in phpFox The price for the video chat module for phpFox 2 is $49 (includes the video chat module for phpFox 1.6 too) and its available when you buy AVChat 3. To[…]

2009 has been a great year for us, we’ve learned a lot and we’ve made big progress as a company and we feel 2010 is going to be even better. Everybody is back now from their NYE vacation (support should be again up to speed) and we’re deciding on directions to follow in 2010 with our business and products. Here are some of them: AVChat Instant Messenger is a new product we’re working on. We have a lot of great ideas for it, hopefully we will have something to show in March. Each product will have it’s own website. We’ve already started doing that with HDFVR and soon the Flash Audio Recorder will also be moved to its own website.[…]