There are two ways to open the AVChat Video Chat Component in a pop up in Joomla!: Using Joomla!’s default method: Log in the administrator area of Joomla!. In the Menus area edit the link to AVChat 3. Set the On Click, Open in option to  New Window without Browser Navigation (screenshot below) Click Save. That’s it! Clicking the link in the menu will now open the video chat in a pop up. Using this method however you will not have control over the pop up dimensions A way that allows you to control the size of the pop up: For this you’ll need to login to your website with an FTP client (FileZilla is our favourite) and go to[…]

We’ve been working lately on making AVChat function properly on mobile phones. In the images below you can see a Nexus One with AVChat 3 running perfectly in the phone’s browser and streaming someone’s cam. Unfortunately its not yet possible to broadcast your phone’s camera/mic. This is just a proof of concept, but the modifications needed to run AVChat on Android will make their way into the next build. We also see a lot of space for innovation in the mobile space with the recently announced Flash Player and AIR for mobiles, so hopefully we’ll have more great news to share with you in the future on this topic!

We used to solve all AVChat issues by email, and it was wrong because all the info we’ve shared by email is now locked in those private email discussions, and believe me there’s a lot of useful info in those emails! That’s why we’ve now launched a proper, public, forum :,  to make all that „problem solving info” available to everyone! The entire AVChat team will be answering questions in there so expect proper deep technical documented answers. There are special areas for all our products including AVChat, the HD  video recorder and the audio recorder. The private and personal support by email is still available to our customers, the forum is just an addition!