Since the new Social Engine version 4 is available and stable, we prepared the integration kit for it. New Features: AVChat 3 settings available directly in the administration area RTMP connectionstring now can be entered in the administration area (no avc_settings.php edit needed) Admins and users with admin/moderator access to the chat are automatically served the AVChat admin interface instead of the user interface from where they can kick and ban people. You can setup the chat to open in pop up window. Features present in the SE3 plugin too: Username/gender integration: users will have the same username and gender in the web site and in the video chat. Different features for different user levels, you can control the video[…]

Build 910 is now available for download, we’ve made this quick release to fix some issues in build 900: token_request.asp and .aspx were missing which resulted in the Invalid token! Please try again! error when trying to use AVChat with .aspx or .asp (full aspx support is still being worked on, token based authentication is still available only with php for now ) the ip’s of the users were not shown properly in all places (like in the ban user window or in the external users list) record the audio video streams now defaults to false on FMIS the external users list generated by FMIS missed some spaces which resulted in a .xml file that was not parseable updated some[…]

New features: works properly on Android phones with Flash Player 10.1 new setting: users can create only public or only private rooms (allowedRooms setting in new setting: can users switch their stream to private/public (usersCanSwitchBetweenPrivateAndPublic setting in new setting: turn off te video chat for maintenance (downForMaintenance setting in new setting: kick users after being idle for some time (kickAfterIdleTime setting in new setting: position the who is typing box at the top or bottom of the text chat  (whosTypingPosition setting in you can now control the background color of the users list frum style.css new [Reset] button in the admin’s Rooms pannel that resets the users number option to hide the top status bar[…]

Starting with build 900, AVChat 3 introduces a new security feature called “token based authentication”. When enabled this prevents 3’rd party swf files (hosted on other web sites than your own or by malicious users) to connect to your media server. There are other security measures in place to prevent this however token based authentication is the most secure! This feature is turned off by default because with it enabled: it takes slightly more time for users to connect to the media server, it might cause some connection attempts to the media server over slow Internet connections to fail we’ve only had a few clients that really needed this feature! How o turn it on: install AVChat edit the settings[…]

AVChat  is pretty secure out of the box, however, there are steps you and your developers can take to make your AVChat installation even more secure. We have now grouped these steps in a NEW SERVICE we’ll offer called Secure your AVChat installation.  The service is priced at $199.  We will annalyze your AVChat and media server  installation and propose/implement security measures against a broad range of attacks. These are some of the measures we will take: Secure the data exchange  between the clients and the media server by using rtmpe or rtmps instead of plain rtmp. RTMPS communication leverages the proven security of SSL to wrap your RTMP session. RTMPE-based communication offers some of the benefits of RTMPS, but[…]