In September we’ve been to iDate Paris to learn more about the dating industry in Europe! There, I’ve bumped into Patrick from Mö (the best dating site in Sweden), a client of mine from like 5 years ago! 🙂 We’ve launched , an umbrella web site for all our activity and products. Go to to learn more about us and our company! We have a resellers program, basically if you are a developer or a web development company you can get our products with up to 30% discount. We have an affiliates program, if you refer clients to our web site you can get a 25% commission on every sale you generate. We’re working hard on the new[…]

A few minor quick fixes were added to AVChat last week: when in RTL mode hitting ENTER was not sending the text to the chat room IDS_LOOKINGAT from the language file was not being used Invalid token!  Please try again! error is gone! Issue with users list now showing up when user had no webcam is fixed Some small issues with Wowza are also fixed

Just a few updates this month,  we’ve worked a bit on better RTL support and Red5 server side files optimizations: better RTL support using the Text Layout Framework Red5 optimizations (The avchat30 app for Red5 should use less resources now) “User has left the conversation” message for when a user leaves a private text chat clicking a user name in the text chat adds it to the input text field (this feature is back only in the user interface, the admin area still shows the side menu for that user) old tokens are now automatically deleted added a few missing strings to the language file (“Looking at” and “Stop him from viewing you”) fixed bug with the “who’s looking at[…]