We’ve made a little test today with the latest version of AVChat (1059) which has some optimized media server file for Red5. 1) We’ve installed Red5 0.8 on an old Toshiba M70 laptop with these specs: Pentium M 1.7Ghz (FSB:400Mhz with 2Mb of 2nd level cache) 1G DDR2 RAM 60GB HDD @ 5400rpm 100Mbps Intel network card Ubuntu 10.04 LTS which is connected to our LAN via wire. 2) Once Red5 was up and running on the laptop, we used an internal flash app named “AVChat Virtual User” to create load on the Red5 server! This app creates a lot of virtual users, once each user is created it connects to the avchat30 app on the media server. Once connected¬†[…]

We’ve taken our time with this one as we’ve found a memory leak in our Red5 server side files and spent a lot of time trying to fix that! Here are some of the new features and bug fixes: Connections from swf files hosted on localhost are not allowed anymore by default. To allow localhost connections edit the avchat30 settings file on the media server (avchat3.properties or settings.asc) and set allowLocalhostConnections=true. There are no name limits on the application/folder name (avchat30) on the media server or/and on the instance name (_definst_). This will allow you to connect AVChat 3 from several web sites to the same media server, each one with their own key and personalized (media server) settings file![…]