You want to find out what version of Red5 is running on your server? There are a few ways: 1) Look at the Red5 welcome page on port 5080. To see the welcome page just go to in your web browser. It’s not the most accurate but it’s the fastest and you don’t need access to the Red5 installation. Here are the welcome screens for different versions. Red5 0.8 welcome page: Red5 0.9.1 welcome page: Red5 1.0 RC1 welcome page: 2) Look in docs/changelog.txt Look in the Red5 installation folder/docs/changelog.txt . You will immediately see the Red5 version there: 3) Pay attention to the Red5 startup log During startup, Red5 will show the Red5 version, here is where to[…]

Since Drupal 7 has arrived few weeks ago, we are cooking a new AVChat 3 Module for it, and it will be available in April. Here are some of the cool new features: Customized permissions for Admins No more avc_settings.php edits for the most important settings, you will be able to set them directly in the admin are (including the RTMP connection string) One click to chat: the two links ( one for the user interface, teh other for the admin interface) you were used to from Drupal 5 and 6 are now combined into a single link. Users with admin privileges are automatically detected and given the AVChat admin interface. If you want a feature that is not included[…]

A few tiny updates this month: index.swf and admin.swf are down again to about 400+ Kbytes¬† in size. fixed issue in Wowza where the shared object holding the text chat history would grow a lot. AVChat now works with an empty welcome message in the language file (en.xml). there is a new ban option: 3 days. there’s a new option in named showUserSideMenuOnTextArea which controls what clicking an underlined username in the text chat area does: it can either bring up the side menu shown below or put the username in the text chat input box. the fonts available for text chat can now be finally changed using fonts.xml. expired bans are not shown anymore in the banned ip’s[…]