Due to numerous spam accounts created on our forum today we upgraded it to the latest version (IP.Board 3.2.5) to benefit from the IPS Spam Monitoring Service which is a cool service offered by the forum developers that monitors (and prevents) the spam across all active installations. There’s also a bunch of other new stuff which you can read about here. So please bear with us as we: update the theme (we had to default to the standard theme for now) figure out why all but a few avatars are gone (we suspect this has to do with the weird confusion between the avatar and the profile picture in the version of the forum that we were using) See you[…]

Last week we’ve done a silent launch of AVChat build 1365 and by the time we managed to put the blog post up this morning we already had a few new issues fixed. So, today we’re doing a new build of AVChat (1370) with the following fixes: fixed issue with text chat area hiding certain surfaces when resizing it by the red arrow fixed issue with text chat area growig in width out of the video chat area when lowering the width of the users list fixed issue with resizing your webcam affecting the size of the users lista area users list area now defaults in width (when the video chat starts) to the width of the your webcam area[…]

We’ve been silent for a while now on the AVChat front but ohh boy do we have some news for you today! Today we’re releasing build 1365 of AVChat, our flagship video chat software. This build comes to fix most of the issues that have appeared since our last build and implements many of the functionalities that have been requested in the forum. Thank you all for the suggestions for the bug reports for the discussions we had and for helping making AVChat a better software. Now let’s move on to what changes this new build brings upon us. First, we have a new emoticons pack We’ve licensed this 36 square emoticons pack and included it in this build for[…]