We are pleased to announce that the integration kit between phpFox 3 (released last week)  and AVChat 3 is ready. The integration has momentarily the same great features as the integration kit for phpFox 2. We will work on improving this module in the future so please send us your feedback and desired features. Features in the new phpFox 3 module: automatic user name, gender and profile picture integration independent permissions control for each user group (in admin control panel) user profiles integration automatic integration with the user and admin menus it installs as any other phpFox 3 module compatible with SEO friendly URL’s in phpFox The price for the integration kits for phpFox is $49 (includes the plugin for[…]

Hello everybody, Just a quick notice that form now on the phpFox module will not contain the AVChat files in it, and you have to download them separately. This will be of great help to you because you can have the latest updates of AVChat and phpFox independent of each other’s releases.   Hoping you will have a much better experience, I wish you a great holiday!

We’re doing a small new build today of AVChat in an attempt to fix some of the issues that have popped up since our last build, here they are in no certain order: fixed issue with showWhoisInfoIntextChatArea in avc_settings.xxx not working silent ban was not working on Wowza profileCountryFlag in avc_settings.xxx was not working on Wowza added protections against several errors reported on Wowza fixed issue with the number of unread messages not showing up in tabs inside AVChat fixed issue with bans not showing up in admin.swf when used with Red5 (admin.swf increased to 600kbytes ) empty connection string in avc_settings.asp We’ve also added a few new features here and there: duration GET variable in seconds is now added[…]