It’s been a hot summer here in Bucharest but we’ve been hard at work fixing issues with AVChat. Since the last final build back in July we’ve fixed a huge number of bugs. I am proud to say this will be the most solid build of AVChat so far. Here’s what’s new: We’ve added the ability to hide the entire left side (webcam and users list, hideLeftSide setting in ) creating a minimalist chat experience that will benefit such scenarios as: small text chat widgets online live help/sales chat quick chat mechanisms The input text chat area now has 2 lines!!! Here’s how it all looks with no left side area and bigger text chat input area: Other improvements:[…]

Hello everybody, Over the Internet there will always be someone who might want to harm your website’s activity just for fun or for some material reasons.¬†We’re writing this article in order to help our AVChat customers who are getting spammed. Here are the steps that you can do in order to prevent future incidents. 1. Search for logs and look for his or her IP In case you’re not online while the user is spamming so that you can see his IP in the chat: if someone notifies you by e-mail, you can take a look over the TEXT CHAT TRANSCRIPTS and search for the desired username and find his IP from time to time, you can also take a[…]