Build 2206 is focused on fixing some major issues and also adds a couple of important new features . Here’s what’s new for the mobile client: The mobile client now supports token authentication. Speed up message delivery on mobile client.  Here’s what’s new for the flash client: Added a new setting enableOtherAccountOptionsForGuests that controls whether or not the other account options login such as Facebook is visible during the sign in and registration window,  that  appears only if the users are guests(specific for integrations). Now a site owner has two choices, to either restrict and only allow users to sign-in using the account made on their site, or to allow logins with Facebook also. Here’s what’s fixed in the flash[…]

Hello everyone, As I promised , I updated the phpFox integration kit for AVChat to support the latest changes (ex. mobile version) that were made to our video chat (find out more). Here is a list of what was updated in the phpFox module: Never miss a new message from now. New browser tab notification lets you see how many new messages you received if you are in another browser tab. Detect if the browser is mobile or desktop and provide the appropriate content. Detect if you installed the AVChat files into the component directory. Facebook Application ID field integration in backend. Remember that you need the latest build of AVChat (build 2170) to have access to these great features and also Red5 or[…]

We are proud to bring you this year’s first build of AVChat that has a lot of major changes and a heap of improvements for both the Flash client and the HTML5 client Here are the new features: 1. Red5 support for the mobile AVChat 3 client is here. Setting it up: The mobile client requires a Web Server: A  web server with at least PHP 5.3.10  hosting the chat.  Socket support must be enabled. You can use phpinfo(); to check if sockets are enabled. After a normal installation, open and change the webServerIp setting (new setting) to reflect the IP  of your web server. Also you might want to disable some of the red5 logs, because when someone connects from the mobile client, Red5 will[…]

These days we faced some annoying spam attacks on our forum and had to take some security measures that will share with everybody here. As first quick measures: 1) You have to ensure that the registration page contains at least a “Questions and answers challenge” and a CAPTCHA code. For those who don’t know, this area can be found in the AdminCP under the menu System->System Settings->Security and Privacy. We used to have re-captcha from Google before, but the bots were still getting in, so we switched to “Are you human PlayThru” to see if something changes. Here’s a graphic of user registrations due the past months where we can notice abuse of users registered:         2)[…]