Every time we start developing a new AVChat build we carefully plan what we will add, taking into consideration client feature requests and also features that we feel are needed to take AVChat forward. Here are all the features added since the last final build 2768. New Features For Desktop Client New Pay Per View API. More details can be found in the documentation. Revamped Share Window. You can now post on your social accounts (Facebook and Twitter), invite friends from Facebook to join the chat, and also an embed code is generated for AVChat. Twitter Authentication. More details on how to setup AVChat can be found in the documentation. Users can invite other users to their created rooms. Any user that has[…]

We’ve made a small bug fix to our SocialEngine Integration Kit for AVChat that fixes the following error: Fatal error: require_once() [function.require]: Failed opening required ‘Videochat/Mobile_Detect.php’ (include_path=’/home/avchat/public_html/se/application/libraries:/home/avchat/public_html/se/application/libraries/PEAR:.’) in /home/avchat/public_html/se/application/modules/Avchat3/views/scripts/index/index.tpl on line 57 The new build number is 3135 and can be downloaded from your private client area. You can also solve the above issue by editing application/modules/Avchat3/views/scripts/index/index.tpl and replacing Videconference with videconference  (lowercase v).  

Hi everyone, In this tutorial I will show you how to setup AVChat and SocialEngine in order to build a paid membership website with 2 member levels where the video chat is a big part of it. AVChat 3, when used with the Integration Kit for SocialEngine 4,  has many options that allows you to differentiate a non paying member from a paying member by limiting access to some AVChat premium features or to the entire chat and encourage non paying members to upgrade. When configured properly this will substantially grow the subscription revenues for your website. The website we are trying to build will have 3 different member levels: visitors (Public) will not be allowed access to website content and[…]