Monthly Archive: November 2013

Minor Update to AVChat 3 Module for phpFox 3.x, build 3134

Hello everyone, We’ve just released a small update to <a title=”AVChat 3 Module for phpFox” href=”” target=”_blank”>AVChat 3 Module for phpFox 3.x</a>, build 3134, that fixes a minor mistake: Facebook and Twitter share are now...


What Is the State of WebRTC?

Real-Time Communication Without Plugins WebRTC stands for  Web Real-Time Communication, and it is a peer-to-peer communication technology for the browser, that enables video/audio calling and data sharing without additional plugins. WebRTC started as an...


AVChat Update Build 3097

We have released an update for build 3078. This update fixes the following issues: Fixed issue with the mobile client not joining rooms on Red5. Fixed issue with the reported users shared object synchronizing...