Hello everyone, We’ve just released a major update to AVChat 3 Module for Drupal 7 – build 3181. In this build  we’ve changed the way it works – from cookies to native Drupal code in integration.php, and we’ve added some cool new features and permissions. New Features & Improvements: Now your anonymous users / authenticated users can login in AVChat 3 with their Facebook or Twitter accounts. Facebook and Twitter share will now work properly with the Drupal Module. The AVChat 3 Mobile version will now be served when accessing the chat from a mobile device. AVChat 3 is now using SWFObject 2 for embedding the chat’s .swf. When AVChat is opened in a pop up window it now fills the entire window. No[…]

Hello everyone, We’ve just released a small update to <a title=”AVChat 3 Module for phpFox” href=”http://avchat.net/integrations/phpfox” target=”_blank”>AVChat 3 Module for phpFox 3.x</a>, build 3134, that fixes a minor mistake: Facebook and Twitter share are now working properly. You can download this build from your private client area. For any issues or questions, you can contact support team anytime. AVChat team wish you a great day!

Real-Time Communication Without Plugins WebRTC stands for  Web Real-Time Communication, and it is a peer-to-peer communication technology for the browser, that enables video/audio calling and data sharing without additional plugins. WebRTC started as an effort by Google, to build a standard real-time Media Engine into all the available major browsers, and is now supported by Google, Mozilla and Opera. The API and underlying protocols are being developed jointly at the W3C and IETF. Similar attempts at implementing peer-to peer communications over the web have been made before by Adobe through their acquisition of Amicima in 2006  and subsequent Flash Player 10 (October 2008) and 10.1 (June 2010) releases. Somehow the peer-to-peer technology in Flash Player never took off. The guiding[…]

Hello everyone, this is Radu and I will be handling AVChat Integrations from now on at NuSoft. My 1st project was to bring up to day the AVChat Video Chat Module for phpFox 3. Today I am proud to release build 3131 of the AVChat Video Chat Module for phpFox 3.x. In this build we’ve fixed issues and added some new cool features & permissions. New Features & Improovements: We’re now officially supporting phpFox 3.7 Members can not change their phpFox gender in the login screen for AVChat and will be auto logged in. We’ve added two new options (“Popup Window Width”, ”Popup Window Height”) in the AVChat Module Settings that allow you to specify the exact dimensions of the pop[…]

We have released an update for build 3078. This update fixes the following issues: Fixed issue with the mobile client not joining rooms on Red5. Fixed issue with the reported users shared object synchronizing every time upon a client connection, causing the Reports button to show as new reports have been added. This only happened on Red5. Fixed issue with a login text element not aligning properly if Facebook and Twitter login was disabled. Fixed issue with user items having a ‘bumpy’ appearance in the users list. Fixed issue with the ‘eye’ icon overlapping with the moderator icon in some cases. Fixed issue on the mobile client, that caused the vertical scroll in the text chat and rooms list to not[…]