The Joomla! 3.x Component (part of our Joomla! Integration Kit) has been updated today (build 1000)  and you can download it from your client areas. Changelog: Removed SWFObject from the embed mechanism for a better experience on Chrome and Safari which are now more strict in allowing Flash content to run on the page The drop in room option now works as expected Links have been updated to point to the correct Joomla! Component documentation Mobile chat option is shown on mobile devices only if the mobile chat is installed Code cleaning

Community PRO 3.1.3 solves an issue introduced in 3.1.2 which prevents the plugin’s permissions table from being populated. It only affected new installations, it did not affect upgrades. If you’ve installed 3.1.2 and have the issue, here’s how to solve it: Deactivate the Community PRO 3.1.2 plugin Overwrite all 3.1.2 files in wp-content/plugins/avchat-3-pro with the ones from the 3.1.3 archive (only insert_tables.php and avchat3.php changed) Drop/delete the community_pro_permissions and  community_pro_general_settings MySQL tables Activate Community PRO 3.1.3

Our Community PRO plugin for WordPress just got a small bugfix update. Here’s what’s fixed: Removed some line breaks in the source code which caused AVChat to show up lower on the page than were embedded AVChat now has a transparent background when embedded in a page or post (transparent background was mistakenly removed in 3.1.1) AVChat’s enableModeratorForRooms, usersCanInviteToViewCam and usersCanInviteToRoom options were always disabled regardless of the permissions set in WP’s backend Removed Ignore PMs permission linked to AVChat’s showIgnorePMsButton  since it’s not supported by AVChat anymore

In this article we are going to learn how to setup a secure video chat with WordPress and the Community Pro video chat plugin in four easy steps. Step 1: Make sure you have a media server First, in order to run a video chat service on any website you need a media server. Think of the media server as the home of the video chat software. If you have a VPS all you need to do is install a media server software like Red5 and you’re all set. If you don’t have a VPS you can purchase one with Red5 pre-installed from just $15/month here. Step 2: Get the software Download the video chat software (you can try it for[…]

Wowza Media Systems just announced their new major Wowza Media Server version: Wowza Streaming Engine 4.0. Besides the new name there’s a new GUI that allows you to control the server and individual applications. Think Adobe’s Media Server Console on steroids. Mike Talvensaari, VP of Producs at Wowza,  gives a quick overview of the new product and GUI in this video posted on the new Wowza website. You can also check out the new GUI by singing up for the online demo. Here are 2 quick screenshots with the Home and Application pages of the new GUI : We’re currently testing AVChat, HDFVR and FLVAR on the new Wowza Streaming Engine 4.0 to check for compatibility issues. We’ll get back to you with[…]

We’ve made a small bug fix to our SocialEngine Integration Kit for AVChat that fixes the following error: Fatal error: require_once() [function.require]: Failed opening required ‘Videochat/Mobile_Detect.php’ (include_path=’/home/avchat/public_html/se/application/libraries:/home/avchat/public_html/se/application/libraries/PEAR:.’) in /home/avchat/public_html/se/application/modules/Avchat3/views/scripts/index/index.tpl on line 57 The new build number is 3135 and can be downloaded from your private client area. You can also solve the above issue by editing application/modules/Avchat3/views/scripts/index/index.tpl and replacing Videconference with videconference  (lowercase v).  

We’ve just released a new version of our AVChat Video Chat Plugin PRO for WordPress and it adds a huge amount of fixes. We’re considering it the most stable build so far. The entire code has been reviewed and improved. We’ve also added proper support for multisite setups, more permissions and we’ve totally updated the documentation. Major improvements: We’ve moved the PRO plugin to a separate folder (wp-content/plugins/avchat-3-pro) so that the WP update mechanism does not confuse it with the Standard version available on We’ve added 8 new permissions that you can control for each user role: admin can kick, admin can ban, admins can view ips, admin can silence, admin can view private messages, admin can access the[…]

Halloween is upon us again this year and we have some special prices this week for you guys. From today (29th of October) until Friday (2nd of November) we have a special offer for most of our products. 25% off the price of new licenses for the following products: AVChat 3 (with discount starts at $97.5 instead of $130) AVConference  (with discount starts at $224.25 instead of $299) FLVAR (with discount starts at $74.25 instead of $99) HDFVR (with discount starts at $149.25 instead of $199) ZuzuBooth (with discount starts at $21.75 instead of $29) and all their integration kits. To get the discount just use the following discount code during checkout: HALLOWEEN2012 . The[…]

It’s been a hot summer here in Bucharest but we’ve been hard at work fixing issues with AVChat. Since the last final build back in July we’ve fixed a huge number of bugs. I am proud to say this will be the most solid build of AVChat so far. Here’s what’s new: We’ve added the ability to hide the entire left side (webcam and users list, hideLeftSide setting in ) creating a minimalist chat experience that will benefit such scenarios as: small text chat widgets online live help/sales chat quick chat mechanisms The input text chat area now has 2 lines!!! Here’s how it all looks with no left side area and bigger text chat input area: Other improvements:[…]