Just a small update to AVChat today with 2 minor fixes: fixed issue with Red5 where users leaving the chat all together would still be present in the external XML rooms & users list under the <not_in_rooms> XML tag The Push To Talk button now has a red background that makes it more visible: As usual you can download it from your private client area. Only the .swf files and the Red5 media server files have been changed since the last build.

The Puffin browser for iPad seems to be running Flash applications pretty well. Here are some shots with it running AVChat: Login screen shows up and the flash background, I can also type a username that is remembered. Good job so far! Sending messages works as well. The rooms list: Quick conclusions: text chat works fine with slight delay you can not start your webcam or mic even tough it detects that you have a microphone you can join several rooms and switch between them notification sounds do play (new message, private cam request, buzz, etc.) you can view someone’s cam but it will show a frozen frame not a video (even tough the download graph shows you downloading a[…]

Today we’re releasing a new build (1615) of AVChat, our flagship video chat software, that includes only bug fixes: fixed issue with Red5 where users leaving the chat alltogether would still be present in the external XML rooms & users list under the <not_in_rooms> XML tag (actually fixed in 1618) fixed issue on Red5 where kicking a user named X would show the following message in the text chat “X has been kicked by X” instead of “X has been kicked by ADMINNAME” fixed issue on FMIS where when leaving more than one room at the same time (closing the browser tab/window with AVChat) would not remove the user from some of the rooms he was in fixes issue on[…]

I am going to explain in this blog post how video quality functions in flash video chat apps. Understanding the steps the video quality goes trough in its travel from the broadcaster to the viewer is vital when trying to raise the general video quality experienced by your users. This tutorial applies to AVChat, AVConference, SimplChat but also in some extent to HDFVR and AVChat IM. So, here we go. TheΒ  journey of the video from the broadcaster to the viewer can be imagined as a funnel with 8 steps. At each step the video quality can suffer. To increase the video quality at the end (on the viewer’s side) you can take measures at every step. Step 1:Β  the[…]

Adobe has announced Adobe Media Server 5 (no more Flash in the name πŸ™ ) most probably our products will work with it out of the box (as always). The Red5 Team have released Red5 1.0 RC2, unfortunately they made quite a few changes and it breaks compatibility with our products so we do not support it yet. On Monday (28th of May) we’ll release a new version of the AVChat Integration Kit for Joomla! with major improvements (there will be some video involved as well πŸ˜‰ ) We’ve made slight changes to the documentation area of AVChat, it should now be easier to find your way around and browse the area. We’re working on a tutorial for HDFVR and[…]

Starting with the June build of AVChat we will make a few changes to the way we’ll release builds and issue trial keys for all our products. Regarding new builds Currently we generally try to do a build of AVChat every month on the 1st Monday of that month. We do this to make sure if any bugs show up we’re here during the build day and next day to fix them. Starting with the June build of AVChat we will introduce the notion of beta builds. Beta builds will be available for download from the private client area by clicking the [View All Builds] link. Beta builds will properly be marked as beta and they will be announced in[…]

Hello all, It has been a while since we did a proper AVChat build but now we’re putting together a new team to handle just AVChat. The 1st product of that team so far is this new build of AVChat which fixes a lot of outstanding issues. Here’s what’s new: Significantly improved security of private cams Echo Cancellation is now turned on by default when using Speex audio codec and thus Flash Player 10.3 is now required for AVChat to run. End users will be able to experience higher quality audio to aid conversation flow, without using a headset. We added a lineSpacing variable in avc_settings.xxx that controls the line spacing in AVChat πŸ˜€ includeIPSinUserList setting is now better explained[…]

Just a few days ago I was alarmed on the forum that many users of AVChat started getting the error in the title out of the blue without the chat webmasters doing anything. After a quick investigation we had found the culprit. It seems Adobe has modified something in their latest Flash Player Update ( August 2012 update: it seems the issue also shows up in FP released on 06 August 2012. teh patches at the bottom do not fx the issue for FP . They modified the contents of the pageUrl variable sent by Flash Player when it connects to a media server like FMS, Red5 or Wowza. In FP (released on November 7th, 2011) pageUrl[…]