We’re doing a small new build today of AVChat in an attempt to fix some of the issues that have popped up since our last build, here they are in no certain order: fixed issue with showWhoisInfoIntextChatArea in avc_settings.xxx not working silent ban was not working on Wowza profileCountryFlag in avc_settings.xxx was not working on Wowza added protections against several errors reported on Wowza fixed issue with the number of unread messages not showing up in tabs inside AVChat fixed issue with bans not showing up in admin.swf when used with Red5 (admin.swf increased to 600kbytes ) empty connection string in avc_settings.asp We’ve also added a few new features here and there: duration GET variable in seconds is now added[…]

But now it’s back up for members, and in a few days we will make it available for visitors again too. For security reasons we hat to delete all the accounts up to 1 October with 0 posts. When we first started the forum we did not realize how much maintenance it needs, but it does , alot of it. On of the issues that require a lot of attention is security. There are a huge number of spam bots and spam companies out there that can make your life very miserable, and they did it for us last week. We woke up on Monday morning with a call from the hosting company saying the forum server is comming under immense[…]

We’ve made a new build of AVChat today that fixes some of the issues that were reported in the last build. Fixed issues: fixed issue with bans now showing up in the list of bans when using Red5 fixed issues with some connection attempts failing right after the key had been inserted when using Red5 fixed issue with missing ) at the end of the description in the rooms list window fixed issue with lock icon going over the eye icon Since we’ve worked a lot on the ban system we’ve also made the layout of the Ban Panel more obvious and easier to use and we’ve added the ability to ban any username at any time (you can also[…]

Due to numerous spam accounts created on our forum today we upgraded it to the latest version (IP.Board 3.2.5) to benefit from the IPS Spam Monitoring Service which is a cool service offered by the forum developers that monitors (and prevents) the spam across all active installations. There’s also a bunch of other new stuff which you can read about here. So please bear with us as we: update the theme (we had to default to the standard theme for now) figure out why all but a few avatars are gone (we suspect this has to do with the weird confusion between the avatar and the profile picture in the version of the forum that we were using) See you[…]

Last week we’ve done a silent launch of AVChat build 1365 and by the time we managed to put the blog post up this morning we already had a few new issues fixed. So, today we’re doing a new build of AVChat (1370) with the following fixes: fixed issue with text chat area hiding certain surfaces when resizing it by the red arrow fixed issue with text chat area growig in width out of the video chat area when lowering the width of the users list fixed issue with resizing your webcam affecting the size of the users lista area users list area now defaults in width (when the video chat starts) to the width of the your webcam area[…]

We’ve been silent for a while now on the AVChat front but ohh boy do we have some news for you today! Today we’re releasing build 1365 of AVChat, our flagship video chat software. This build comes to fix most of the issues that have appeared since our last build and implements many of the functionalities that have been requested in the forum. Thank you all for the suggestions for the bug reports for the discussions we had and for helping making AVChat a better software. Now let’s move on to what changes this new build brings upon us. First, we have a new emoticons pack We’ve licensed this 36 square emoticons pack and included it in this build for[…]

It seems there are quite a few issues with Adobe products running on the new  Mac OS X Lion One that affects us the most is the fact that the Privacy modal window in Flash Player asking you for permission to access your webcam can not be used anymore. The buttons don’t click. Our friends at http://www.userplane.com/ have posted a workdaround for it that involves going into your System Preferences. Hopefully a new version of Flash Player will be released soon by Adobe that adresses this issue.

Most of the work this month has gone into developing the AVChat Integration kit for Joomla! 1.6 but we have a few updates regarding AVChat too 😉 here they are: No more (blue) chrome around the text chat area (was kind of useless) Mute all streams button in the status bar at the top Different sounds for when receiving: private messages (different beep, sounds/private.mp3) request to view your private webcam (short ring sounds/videorequest.mp3) Different icons for the OFF states of some buttons in the text chat area Admin can now view the banned usernames list and remove any of them When banning ip ranges you can now use spaces betwen the ips and the dash like this: –[…]

You want to find out what version of Red5 is running on your server? There are a few ways: 1) Look at the Red5 welcome page on port 5080. To see the welcome page just go to http://yourred5server.com:5080 in your web browser. It’s not the most accurate but it’s the fastest and you don’t need access to the Red5 installation. Here are the welcome screens for different versions. Red5 0.8 welcome page: Red5 0.9.1 welcome page: Red5 1.0 RC1 welcome page: 2) Look in docs/changelog.txt Look in the Red5 installation folder/docs/changelog.txt . You will immediately see the Red5 version there: 3) Pay attention to the Red5 startup log During startup, Red5 will show the Red5 version, here is where to[…]