A few tiny updates this month: index.swf and admin.swf are down again to about 400+ Kbytes  in size. fixed issue in Wowza where the shared object holding the text chat history would grow a lot. AVChat now works with an empty welcome message in the language file (en.xml). there is a new ban option: 3 days. there’s a new option in avc_settings.xxx named showUserSideMenuOnTextArea which controls what clicking an underlined username in the text chat area does: it can either bring up the side menu shown below or put the username in the text chat input box. the fonts available for text chat can now be finally changed using fonts.xml. expired bans are not shown anymore in the banned ip’s[…]

We’ve done a few silent builds lately in order to fix some particular issues some of our clients had. For a while build 1162 has been online and available for download, this blog post will summarize most of the bug fixes that have been done since our latest build (1106). There are only a few tiny new features: rooms panel now covers more area inside the video chat (about 80% of the available space), we had complaints that the rooms panel was too small. you can now change the appearance (font, size, color, bold, italica) of the texts in the LOGIN, LOADING SETTINGS and CONNECTING screens, see  fontMainLabels in style.css : you can now change the size and color of[…]

A new build of AVChat flash video chat is now available for download, here’s what’s new: Only a few new small features: You can now double click a room name ion the rooms list to join it! We’ve seen this type of behaviour when doing usability tests. showJLButton setting in avc_settings.xxx, configures the status (enabled, disabled, hidden) of the [Show Join/Leave messages] button in the text chat area you now get more detailed errors when having issues with token based authentication But many bug fixes: solved concurrency issues with Red5 and multiple app  instances (bug intruduced in the last build) solved issue with the # of users for each room going wild on us (bug intruduced in the last build)[…]

We’ve made a little test today with the latest version of AVChat (1059) which has some optimized media server file for Red5. 1) We’ve installed Red5 0.8 on an old Toshiba M70 laptop with these specs: Pentium M 1.7Ghz (FSB:400Mhz with 2Mb of 2nd level cache) 1G DDR2 RAM 60GB HDD @ 5400rpm 100Mbps Intel network card Ubuntu 10.04 LTS which is connected to our LAN via wire. 2) Once Red5 was up and running on the laptop, we used an internal flash app named “AVChat Virtual User” to create load on the Red5 server! This app creates a lot of virtual users, once each user is created it connects to the avchat30 app on the media server. Once connected […]

We’ve taken our time with this one as we’ve found a memory leak in our Red5 server side files and spent a lot of time trying to fix that! Here are some of the new features and bug fixes: Connections from swf files hosted on localhost are not allowed anymore by default. To allow localhost connections edit the avchat30 settings file on the media server (avchat3.properties or settings.asc) and set allowLocalhostConnections=true. There are no name limits on the application/folder name (avchat30) on the media server or/and on the instance name (_definst_). This will allow you to connect AVChat 3 from several web sites to the same media server, each one with their own key and personalized (media server) settings file![…]

The online demo of AVChat 3 has been updated to build 1052 . Here are some of the new features: full .NET support (dropped classic ASP support) moved position of free video time/day display new admin limitations & settings in avc_settings.xxx clean text chat area button fixed some security issues with previewing files fixed issues with some whois links not working fixed issue with web cams going behind the text chat area This build will be made available for download later this week after intensive testing!

In September we’ve been to iDate Paris to learn more about the dating industry in Europe! There, I’ve bumped into Patrick from Mötesplatsen.se (the best dating site in Sweden), a client of mine from like 5 years ago! 🙂 We’ve launched http://avchathq.com , an umbrella web site for all our activity and products. Go to http://avchathq.com to learn more about us and our company! We have a resellers program, basically if you are a developer or a web development company you can get our products with up to 30% discount. We have an affiliates program, if you refer clients to our web site you can get a 25% commission on every sale you generate. We’re working hard on the new[…]

A few minor quick fixes were added to AVChat last week: when in RTL mode hitting ENTER was not sending the text to the chat room IDS_LOOKINGAT from the language file was not being used Invalid token!  Please try again! error is gone! Issue with users list now showing up when user had no webcam is fixed Some small issues with Wowza are also fixed

Just a few updates this month,  we’ve worked a bit on better RTL support and Red5 server side files optimizations: better RTL support using the Text Layout Framework Red5 optimizations (The avchat30 app for Red5 should use less resources now) “User has left the conversation” message for when a user leaves a private text chat clicking a user name in the text chat adds it to the input text field (this feature is back only in the user interface, the admin area still shows the side menu for that user) old tokens are now automatically deleted added a few missing strings to the language file (“Looking at” and “Stop him from viewing you”) fixed bug with the “who’s looking at[…]

I will be attending the iDate Conference in Paris this week to learn more about the industry and meet some of you guys using our products! I’ll be back on Saturday hopefully with a lot o feedback and new ideas! I’ve also prepared a coupon code for the duration of the conference: use idate during checkout and you’ll get 20% off any new AVChat license. Promotion available until Firday!