We’ve implemented some server side changes to make AVChat compatible with the latest versions of Red5 (1.0.7 and 1.0.8). We’ve maintained backwards compatibility with older versions of Red5, with which AVChat will work out of the box. For Red5 1.0.7 and 1.0.8 one additional change needs to be made after installing the AVChat server side app: Go to /Your_Red5_Install_Directory/webapps/avchat30/WEB-INF Open red-web.xml with any text editor Uncomment line 37.  

A new version of AVChat is now available for download. Here’s what has been changed: Protection against the Mobile_Detect library being loaded by other WordPress plugins Upgraded Mobile Detect to 2.8.24 Fixed issue with AVChat trying to load the “0” file when the backgroundImageUrl value in the theme .xml file was empty Facebook API call now includes required fields (name,gender) which are needed as of Facebook API 2.4 Better username length checks and login screen behavior

A small but needed update, AVChat version 3.7.3 brings the following changes: Removed SWFObject from AVChat  in light of the changes regarding Flash content in Safari 10 and Chrome 56 Double clicking on mobile users from the desktop version no longer opens up the PM window Updated User Agent Fixed issue with first entry in emoticons XML list not being parsed Fixed issue with YouTube videos not being properly aligned in the text chat UI alignment fixes Better error messages

Our new AVChat release is focused on bringing an even more enjoyable experience with a completely new emoticons panel, new chat options and UI polishes. The New Emoticon Panel We have completely remade the emoticons panel. We are now using the standardized emoticons in PNG format for Windows platforms and UTF-8 format for Mac devices. On mobile all the emoticons will be UTF-8 emoticons. For the images (png format) we are using Twitter’s open source emoticons hosted on their CDN. The emoticons.xml has been restructured in categories that are displayed in the panel. Emoticon packs have been removed together with the option to add custom packs, therefore the setting emoticonsurl is now deprecated. All the changes were made in the idea[…]

AVChat 3.6.3 changes the mechanism for automatic room creation to make setting up AVChat easier for scenarios that involve multiple instances – as when using it as an IM. The server-side setting autoCreateDefaultRooms (which was available on Red5 and Adobe Media Server) has been deprecated and removed.  Its functionality has been replaced by the NEW defaultRooms setting/array. By default the defaultRooms setting contains 1 room called The Lobby. All new instances (the _definst_ part of the connection string) of AVChat will have this room unless you change the value of the defaultRooms array. The id of this room will be r0 across AMS and Red5. The rooms contained by the new setting will only be created if there are no rooms in the instance. The full description of the setting is available in[…]

We are releasing this hotfix build to address some potential user experience breaking issues. Fixed an issue with the mobile client that was causing failed logins in some situations. Depending on the position of the useritem in the userslist, the sidemenu would’ve been displayed incorrectly when clicked while the user was broadcasting and the options couldn’t have been accessed. This is now fixed. Fixed silenced user exploit. A silenced user could’ve simply remove the silence modal that was over the userslist, by clicking the ‘viewers’ or ‘blocked’ tab. You can download the hotfix build of AVChat 3.6.2 from your private client area. You can login at https://nusofthq.com/c/ .

In the last months we gathered more client feedback so in this new build we included most of the major updates needed. New Userlist Positioning Users list can now be positioned to the right of the textchat by setting the new option moveUsersListToTheRight to 1. By default it is 0. Updates And Fixes When the userslist is hidden, my camera window and other cameras will be positioned starting on the left-most side, next to the edge of the screen. Implemented modal over camera windows to show that they are resizable. Made username and author name columns in BannedUsersList case insensitive upon sorting. Implemented hideTheseRooms setting also for the mobile version. License key can now be taken from avc_settings.xml through the new setting licenseKey. Fixed[…]

This release is focused on issue fixing as well as polishing some recent features that were added in the prior release of AVChat 3.6. Mobile Client Changes Messages coming from the mobile client will now use the same fontsize set in the AVChat theme. Banning mobile users is now possible. Users can be banned by IP or Usernames just like desktop users. Mobile users can no longer join using an already used username. This works both ways, desktop users cannot join using a name used by a mobile user. Bugfixes Fixed issue which caused usernames that contained special characters to not display correctly in some instances (webcam requests, room invites, file uploads). Fixed issue with room names that contained special characters[…]