This update is focused on making changes and solving issues based on the feedback about the last version 3.5.1, received from you, our clients.

New Settings And Functionality

  • Implemented new setting thumbnailImageShape which controls the shape of the avatars in all the areas (users list, status bar, textchat). By default it is round.
  • Implemented new setting hideTextChat which controls whether or not the text chat area is shown. Along with this the older setting enableAudioVideoOnlyMode has been removed completely, but it’s functionality can still be obtained combining some settings together including the newly added hideTextChat. The idea behind this change was to eliminate any kind of possible conflicts that would’ve occurred if enableAudioVideoOnlyMode was activated and other settings like allowVideoStreaming was also set separately. To give you an idea on how AVChat can be setup to obtain the same or similar effects you can view the Live stream setup documentation.

Revised Settings

  • Older setting showJLButton became new showJLMessages setting.
  • Older setting showPreviewButton became new previewEnabled setting.
  • Older setting showIgnorePMsButton became new ignorePMEnabled setting.
  • Older setting blockBuzzButtonEnabled became new blockBuzzEnabled setting.

Their functionality has been changed accordingly to match their names.

Changes And Fixed Issues

  • Better aware positioning of the user item side menu depending on the height of the chat window and the height of the side menu itself.
  • New resize mechanism for avatars.
  • Avatars and uploaded images are now scaled smoother using anti-aliasing.
  • New style class that controls the look of the scrollbar from the users list and text chat area.


  • Fixed issue with Facebook and twitter buttons not being removed on auto-login.
  • Fixed issue with admins no longer able to see PM’s
  • Fixed issue with hideStatusBar causing the chat to not connect if it was set to 1.
  • Fixed issue with defaultStateTextChatSoundButton not working.
  • Fixed issue with user item font being bolded in smallthumbnail mode.
  • Fixed issue with tabs not rescaling when the total width was too small compared to the number of opened tabs.
  • Fixed issue with memory monitor not being displayed.
  • Minor fix for room title width in the users list that caused overlapping with the filter buttons.

How To Download And Upgrade

You can download this new build of AVChat from your private client area. You can login at .

Steps to upgrade old AVChat copies:

  1. make a backup of your current AVChat installation folder
  2. overwrite all old client side files (for the settings file and the language files, you can just add the new settings and the new translations to your current settings and language files.)
  3. make a backup of your media server files
  4. overwrite the media server files and restart the media server
  5. clear your browser cache and access AVChat 3.5

If you have issues with it after upgrading contact AVChat’s tech support through your client area or send us an email at

If you want us to upgrade your existing AVChat installation to 3.5 for you can purchase our Update AVChat Service ($59) from If you’re looking for a clean install you can just purchase the Pro AVChat Install Service ($29) from  Once you make the purchase just contact AVChat’s tech support through your client area or send us an email at and we’ll take it from there.

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