This release is focused on issue fixing as well as polishing some recent features that were added in the prior release of AVChat 3.6.

Mobile Client Changes

  • Messages coming from the mobile client will now use the same fontsize set in the AVChat theme.
  • Banning mobile users is now possible. Users can be banned by IP or Usernames just like desktop users.
  • Mobile users can no longer join using an already used username. This works both ways, desktop users cannot join using a name used by a mobile user.


  • Fixed issue which caused usernames that contained special characters to not display correctly in some instances (webcam requests, room invites, file uploads).
  • Fixed issue with room names that contained special characters not being displayed correctly in the mobile client.
  • Fixed issue with “Who is Typing” label not working properly.
  • Fixed issue with showMobileChatHistory setting not working.
  • Fixed issue with mobile client IPs not showing in the desktop client.
  • Fixed issue that caused [Create new room] button being enabled after you closed the [Edit Room] window even if room creation was disabled.
  • Fixed issue with error messages not being correctly relayed by Red5. It was always showing the same “Connection Failed, media server might be down…” error message. Now the appropriate error is sent.
  • Fixed issue with chat setting window getting blocked out by other windows in some use cases and not being able to use it anymore.
  • Fixed issue with users list not correctly scaling when the status bar was set to be hidden.
  • Fixed issue with webcam button being resized upon mouse scroll.
  • Fixed issue with Autoscroll chat setting not working.

How To Download AVChat 3.6.1 And Upgrade Older Versions

You can download the new AVChat 3.6.1 from your private client area. You can login at .

Steps to upgrade old AVChat installations to AVChat 3.6.1:

  1. make a backup of your current AVChat client side folder (it’s on your website)
  2. overwrite all old client side files (for the settings file and the language files, you can just add the new settings and the new translations to your current settings and language files.)
  3. make a backup of your media server files
  4. If you’re using Red5 0.8 or 1.0 RC1 download Red5 1.0.5 from here and install it together with the new Red5 avchat30 webapp
  5. If you’re using Wowza or AMS just overwrite the media server files with the new ones and restart the media server
  6. clear your browser cache and access AVChat 3.6.1

If you have issues with it after upgrading contact AVChat’s tech support through your client area or send us an email at

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