In the last months we gathered more client feedback so in this new build we included most of the major updates needed.

New Userlist Positioning

Users list can now be positioned to the right of the textchat by setting the new option moveUsersListToTheRight to 1. By default it is 0.

Users list positioned to the right
Users list positioned to the right

Updates And Fixes

  • When the userslist is hidden, my camera window and other cameras will be positioned starting on the left-most side, next to the edge of the screen.
  • Implemented modal over camera windows to show that they are resizable.
  • Made username and author name columns in BannedUsersList case insensitive upon sorting.
  • Implemented hideTheseRooms setting also for the mobile version.
  • License key can now be taken from avc_settings.xml through the new setting licenseKey.
  • Fixed issue with SendFile button getting enabled even though it was disabled upon switching to a PM tab.
  • Fixed issue with banned IPs list not being displayed.
  • Fixed issue with URL encoded textmessages in the chat logs.
  • Fixed issue with PushToTalk button pressed state not being different from the over state.
  • General fixes and tweaks to the UI.
  • AVChat sounds are no longer cache prevented.

How To Download AVChat 3.6.2 And Upgrade Older Versions

You can download the new AVChat 3.6.2 from your private client area. You can login at .

Steps to upgrade old AVChat installations to AVChat 3.6.2:

  1. make a backup of your current AVChat client side folder (it’s on your website)
  2. overwrite all old client side files (for the settings file and the language files, you can just add the new settings and the new translations to your current settings and language files.)
  3. make a backup of your media server files.
  4. overwrite the old files with the new media server files and restart the media server.
  5. clear your browser cache and access AVChat 3.6.2

If you have issues with it after upgrading contact AVChat’s tech support through your client area or send us an email at

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