4 thoughts on “AVChat 3.7.2 Update Build

  1. i am not sure how to get a chat room up and running it did a 15 day trail but it is wasted because i can’t find the chat room now !
    i need a chat room that has admin maybe red admins like flash chat !
    i have no idea how this one works !

  2. not sure how this one works

  3. Is AVChat still being developed with updates? There have been no new posts in months.

    1. Michael says:

      I ask the same question. I really hope AVChat will still continue to receive updates with features and bug fixes. I’m just bummed that I haven’t been able to use AVChat even though we paid for it because of the lack of color integration. It just doesn’t sit well on our site. Until this is fixed which has been months since I posted this on their forums they have done NOTHING! It’s a real bummer. I also hope they will improve their communication skills with their customers. This is really lacking with this company.

      AVChat I’m still holding on hope that you guys are still around and will keep listening to all the feedback, etc!

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