Our new AVChat release is focused on bringing an even more enjoyable experience with a completely new emoticons panel, new chat options and UI polishes.

The New Emoticon Panel

We have completely remade the emoticons panel. We are now using the standardized emoticons in PNG format for Windows platforms and UTF-8 format for Mac devices. On mobile all the emoticons will be UTF-8 emoticons.

For the images (png format) we are using Twitter’s open source emoticons hosted on their CDN.

The emoticons.xml has been restructured in categories that are displayed in the panel. Emoticon packs have been removed together with the option to add custom packs, therefore the setting emoticonsurl is now deprecated.

All the changes were made in the idea of maintaining a standard.

Here’s how it now looks:

New Emoticons Panel
New Emoticons Panel

Notice at the top are the available categories which can be selected at any time and you will be taken to the respective part of the list. The ‘People’ category is featured in the screenshot.

Font Updates

A couple of changes have been made in this area:

  • First of all the fontsize for the textarea has been moved from the themes style.xml files to avc_settings.xml in the new setting textAreaFontSize. 

We made this change because the fontsize should be possible to be set uniquely per user, and this brings us to another change:

  • The fontsize of the textchat messages can now be set from the chat settings window. The fontsize change will apply for all the new messages received after the change has been made.
Fontsize Setting
Fontsize Setting

The default size selected is 14.

The setting only applies to what a users sees and not what others see.

  • List of available fonts has been redefined with Verdana being the default one: Verdana, Arial, Courier New, Helvetica, Comic Sans MS, Times New Roman.
  • Tahoma has been removed because not all operating systems have it and it was getting replaced by other fonts.

Push-to-talk Hotkey

This was another highly requested feature that we’ve added.

The designated hotkey is CTRL. Holding down CTRL while push to talk is enabled will function in the same way as clicking on the UI button.

Other Changes and Fixes

  • The server-side setting in Red5, getRecordedVideosInfoURL became sendRecordingsInfoScriptURL
  • The text logs of the media-server now contain the build number in their name.
  • Reviewed documentation in settings.asc and avchat3.properties  (corrected errors, completed where missing, formatted )
  • Many small UI fixes for the webcam areas and text chat input.
  • Fixed issue with online timer being  displayed behind the rooms button for periods longer than a hour.
  • Clarified documentation for NSFW option.
  • Fixed issue with YouTube window not adding YouTube videos to the textchat in RTL mode.
  • Fixed issue with decimals not being shown in the PPV counter.

5 thoughts on “AVChat 3.7 Brings Full List of New Emoticons

  1. elias says:

    this version not work on flash media server

  2. Steve Media says:

    Always glad to see you all doing updates for this great script! It’s one of the things I brag about with AVChat system.

    Seeing emoji being added is great, it’s something I’ve been meaning to suggest.

    However I cam concerned about losing the option for custom emoticons with this version. It’s great to have more options, and some standard things that work well across devices is also a great thing to have. We have many custom emoticons, and really want to be able to include these as an option.

    Perhaps an extra tab / category at top for custom emotes can be added?

    For us this would be a major change not being to include our custom emotes.

  3. Vasilij says:

    The new panel smiles users do not like! Members dissatisfied with those smiles! Already wrote a letter to the administrator to return the old version. To me as an administrator I do not like the new panel smiles. I like the chat administrator have the right to insert those smiles that are needed by users!
    You decide everything for a long time, a lot of the time you have spent on rework and errors. Return to the administrator the possibility to choose emoticons. A year ago I wrote about it.

  4. Vasilij says:

    I ask on behalf of the user to return the administrator to decide which icons are emoticons chatting !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Terry Barr says:

    With this new version, is it also possible to increase the size of the icons? Several members on my site have asked for them to be larger.

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