Our AVChat 3 Joomla Component is now compatible with JomSocial. JomSocial is a component that transforms your Joomla website into a social network!

When installed on top of JomSocial the AVChat 3  Joomla Component:

  • will use the profile pictures from the JomSocial profiles in the video chat’s users list
  • will link the users inside the video chat to their JomSocial profile pages
  • will login people in the video chat using the user names they have on the website

As a Joomla admin you also have access to the video chat’s admin area from where you can ban and kick users, log in as hidden, delete existing rooms, peak into private discussions, manage banned users, view users IP’s etc… .

Read more about our AVChat 3 Video Chat Component for Joomla here.

30 days trial:

If you have a JomSocial website you can try our video chat component for free for 30 days, just drop us an email with the website on which you will test it. Don’t forget to mention you need the AVChat 3 Joomla Component.

Get it now for your JomSocial website:

The AVChat 3 Joomla Component (which handles the integration with JomSocial) can be purchased for $49 when you purchase the standalone version of AVChat 3!

Looking for feedback:

We are eagerly looking for feedback on how to better integrate our video chat software with JomSocial . While we have studied JomSocial and developed the integration kit to the best of our abilities, you guys live with JomSocial every day and are a better judge of what this integration should do next! So If you have any feature/integration idea, drop us a line.

2 thoughts on “AVChat 3 is now compatible with JomSocial

  1. dominic AC says:

    We are a fast growing alternative website and we are interested in particularly the jomsocial ‘angle’ as we want to limit video chat to paid members (most of our users are free).

    We can in theory do this via JSPT (Jomsoc Profile types) and limiting video chat to certain profiles types. To know if this would work i need more specifics as to how the video chat works with jomsocial and how it integrates with the profile.

    So as well as your core component(s) what jomsocial plugin(s) are there, and what are they designed to do? can I see these in action anywhere??

  2. Jomsocial says:

    good module. is it free?

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