Just a few updates this month,  we’ve worked a bit on better RTL support and Red5 server side files optimizations:

  • better RTL support using the Text Layout Framework
  • Red5 optimizations (The avchat30 app for Red5 should use less resources now)
  • “User has left the conversation” message for when a user leaves a private text chat
  • clicking a user name in the text chat adds it to the input text field (this feature is back only in the user interface, the admin area still shows the side menu for that user)
  • old tokens are now automatically deleted
  • added a few missing strings to the language file (“Looking at” and “Stop him from viewing you”)
  • fixed bug with the “who’s looking at me” users list sometimes disappearing
  • fixed issue with the wrong user name being shown in the ban window
  • pre filled badwords file
  • various small IP.Board, osDate and SocialEngine bug fixes
  • new eMeeting 9 integration kit

How to get the new AVChat 3 build:

  • download the software again from your client area

How to update your installation:

  • in the usual way: overwrite ALL the old files (including the en.xml language file and the media server files) and restart the media server!
  • if the above fails make a clean clean  install!

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