We have released an update to the latest build.

This update fixes a security issue related to the new report user feature. The sendReport API is now called by the media-server. For this, a new setting has been added (sendReportScriptURL) in the media server settings files. It is used to set the path to the sendReport API. By default the media server detects the path automatically, but if the API file is moved from the default location (AVChat installation directory), the new path can be specified using the above setting.

Other changes and fixes:

  • Report snapshot filenames now include a random number. The new filename format is:
    randomNumber_userSiteId_CAM.jpg and
  • Reports made by different users for the same user are now properly displayed in the Reports panel.
  • The external users list is now generated even if someone joins the chat through the admin interface.
  • Added ASP.NET counterparts for the following files: sendReport, sendgift, rotate_messages and report_snapshot_upload.
  • Fixed issue with the icon for private cams not showing.