Community PRO 3.1.3 solves an issue introduced in 3.1.2 which prevents the plugin’s permissions table from being populated. It only affected new installations, it did not affect upgrades. If you’ve installed 3.1.2 and have the issue, here’s how to solve it: Deactivate the Community PRO 3.1.2 plugin Overwrite all 3.1.2 files in wp-content/plugins/avchat-3-pro with the ones from the 3.1.3 archive (only insert_tables.php and avchat3.php changed) Drop/delete the community_pro_permissions and  community_pro_general_settings MySQL tables Activate Community PRO 3.1.3

Our Community PRO plugin for WordPress just got a small bugfix update. Here’s what’s fixed: Removed some line breaks in the source code which caused AVChat to show up lower on the page than were embedded AVChat now has a transparent background when embedded in a page or post (transparent background was mistakenly removed in 3.1.1) AVChat’s enableModeratorForRooms, usersCanInviteToViewCam and usersCanInviteToRoom options were always disabled regardless of the permissions set in WP’s backend Removed Ignore PMs permission linked to AVChat’s showIgnorePMsButton  since it’s not supported by AVChat anymore

The 3.1 version of our Community PRO plugin for WordPress is now available for download. This updates solves some of the issues that have cropped up in the last few months but also brings the code in line with the recommendations in the latest versions of WordPress: The plugin will not conflict anymore with it’s younger brother (Community Lite) since PRO 3.1 now uses different db tables while Lite 2.2 uses a different short code. Side menu entry is now Community PRO to avoid confusions Plugin now supports different wp-content folders (wp-content folder name was hardcoded) Fixed issue with Ultimate Member plugin breaking avatars in AVChat We’re now using the wp_get_current_user() function instead of the deprecated get_currentuserinfo() Improved security around accessing the admin area[…]

We’ve implemented some server side changes to make AVChat compatible with the latest versions of Red5 (1.0.7 and 1.0.8). We’ve maintained backwards compatibility with older versions of Red5, with which AVChat will work out of the box. For Red5 1.0.7 and 1.0.8 one additional change needs to be made after installing the AVChat server side app: Go to /Your_Red5_Install_Directory/webapps/avchat30/WEB-INF Open red-web.xml with any text editor Uncomment line 37.  

A new version of AVChat is now available for download. Here’s what has been changed: Protection against the Mobile_Detect library being loaded by other WordPress plugins Upgraded Mobile Detect to 2.8.24 Fixed issue with AVChat trying to load the “0” file when the backgroundImageUrl value in the theme .xml file was empty Facebook API call now includes required fields (name,gender) which are needed as of Facebook API 2.4 Better username length checks and login screen behavior

A small but needed update, AVChat version 3.7.3 brings the following changes: Removed SWFObject from AVChat  in light of the changes regarding Flash content in Safari 10 and Chrome 56 Double clicking on mobile users from the desktop version no longer opens up the PM window Updated User Agent Fixed issue with first entry in emoticons XML list not being parsed Fixed issue with YouTube videos not being properly aligned in the text chat UI alignment fixes Better error messages

Our new AVChat release is focused on bringing an even more enjoyable experience with a completely new emoticons panel, new chat options and UI polishes. The New Emoticon Panel We have completely remade the emoticons panel. We are now using the standardized emoticons in PNG format for Windows platforms and UTF-8 format for Mac devices. On mobile all the emoticons will be UTF-8 emoticons. For the images (png format) we are using Twitter’s open source emoticons hosted on their CDN. The emoticons.xml has been restructured in categories that are displayed in the panel. Emoticon packs have been removed together with the option to add custom packs, therefore the setting emoticonsurl is now deprecated. All the changes were made in the idea[…]