Halloween is upon us again this year and we have some special prices this week for you guys. From today (29th of October) until Friday (2nd of November) we have a special offer for most of our products. 25% off the price of new licenses for the following products: AVChat 3  http://avchat.net/buy-now (with discount starts at $97.5 instead of $130) AVConference  http://www.avconference.net/buy-now  (with discount starts at $224.25 instead of $299) FLVAR http://flvar.com/buy-now (with discount starts at $74.25 instead of $99) HDFVR http://hdfvr.com/buy-now (with discount starts at $149.25 instead of $199) ZuzuBooth http://zuzubooth.com/ (with discount starts at $21.75 instead of $29) and all their integration kits. To get the discount just use the following discount code during checkout: HALLOWEEN2012 . The[…]

I am going to explain in this blog post how video quality functions in flash video chat apps. Understanding the steps the video quality goes trough in its travel from the broadcaster to the viewer is vital when trying to raise the general video quality experienced by your users. This tutorial applies to AVChat, AVConference, SimplChat but also in some extent to HDFVR and AVChat IM. So, here we go. The  journey of the video from the broadcaster to the viewer can be imagined as a funnel with 8 steps. At each step the video quality can suffer. To increase the video quality at the end (on the viewer’s side) you can take measures at every step. Step 1:  the[…]

Starting with the June build of AVChat we will make a few changes to the way we’ll release builds and issue trial keys for all our products. Regarding new builds Currently we generally try to do a build of AVChat every month on the 1st Monday of that month. We do this to make sure if any bugs show up we’re here during the build day and next day to fix them. Starting with the June build of AVChat we will introduce the notion of beta builds. Beta builds will be available for download from the private client area by clicking the [View All Builds] link. Beta builds will properly be marked as beta and they will be announced in[…]

We got a lot of questions regarding the possibility of screen sharing in flash so here you go, a simple public explanation: Screen sharing is possible in Flash video chat applications by using third party screen sharing drivers. What these drivers do is they simulate a web cam that uses the desktop screen as a video feed. There are 3 4 such drivers right now: VH Screen Capture Driver (http://www.hmelyoff.com/index.php?section=8) which is free for private use. the Live Output feature present in the Camtasia Recorder that ships with Camtasia Studio (http://www.techsmith.com/download/camtasiatrial.asp). Camtasia Studio is a comercial sofware and the actual bundle contains much more than just the Camtasia Recorder. May 2008 update: UScreenCapture (http://umediaserver.net/umediaserver/download.html), freeware for any use October 2011[…]