Hello everyone, We’ve just released a major update to AVChat 3 Module for Drupal 7 – build 3181. In this build  we’ve changed the way it works – from cookies to native Drupal code in integration.php, and we’ve added some cool new features and permissions. New Features & Improvements: Now your anonymous users / authenticated users can login in AVChat 3 with their Facebook or Twitter accounts. Facebook and Twitter share will now work properly with the Drupal Module. The AVChat 3 Mobile version will now be served when accessing the chat from a mobile device. AVChat 3 is now using SWFObject 2 for embedding the chat’s .swf. When AVChat is opened in a pop up window it now fills the entire window. No[…]

Since Drupal 7 has arrived few weeks ago, we are cooking a new AVChat 3 Module for it, and it will be available in April. Here are some of the cool new features: Customized permissions for Admins No more avc_settings.php edits for the most important settings, you will be able to set them directly in the admin are (including the RTMP connection string) One click to chat: the two links ( one for the user interface, teh other for the admin interface) you were used to from Drupal 5 and 6 are now combined into a single link. Users with admin privileges are automatically detected and given the AVChat admin interface. If you want a feature that is not included[…]

Based on our customers suggestions we decided to improve the Drupal 6 Module for AVChat 3 . We reorganized it, we changed the way it works, and most important we added some cool new features: User profiles can now be accessed directly from the chat. The users list now shows the profile pictures (works only if “User Settings->Picture Support” is enabled from Administer) Settings for each user role. If one user is assigned to more user roles, then the module will take the best value (Example: A user is assigned to two roles: authenticated and gold member. Free Video Time for “authenticated” role is 1 hour and for “gold members” role is 2 hours. The module will allow the user to have[…]

We have put a new build of AVChat 3 up today, this build (340) includes a lot of new small features and some important bug fixes. New features: You can now drag and resize the text chat area, other people’s web cams and the banned users window. A new red arrow is present in the lower right side corner of these windows: A new users list type which shows the avatar in a small format: Avatars (when available) are also shown in the side menu for each user: Added Sort by gender option: The banned users windows also shows the IP and user name of the person that added the ban When you buzz someone a confirmation message shows up:[…]