Flash Media Encoding Server is a server side solution for transcoding video files to formats supported by the Flash Platform  (.flv, .mp4, etc. ). Altough I did not see this coming I think it was just a matter of time before Adobe would complete their video delivery platform with a server side transcoding solution. According to the Adobe website FMES will be available in Fall 2008 . Unfortunately at launch it will only be available for Windows servers. No price info has been released at this time. More info: Press release on adobe.com FMES announcement on Adobe Developer Connection Datasheet pdf on adobe.com Product page on adobe.com

Adobe has released yesterday Flash Media Encoder 2.5. FME 2.5 adds support for pushing high quality h.264 video streams to the Flash Media Server (or to CDN’s). You can also push AAC audio streams if you purchase this [update 10/8/2015: plugin’s website is no longer online] AAC Encoding plugin for FME from MainConcept. FME 2.5 also adds a few neat features like command-line control, auto-restart after system restarts and a auto-adjust feature that enables you to maintain a high-quality video stream in uncertain network conditions. FME 2.5 can be downloaded for free from the Adobe website but it is currently only available for Windows. Also I want to remind you that AVConference can display a video/audio stream coming from FME via FMS.[…]

Adobe has released today Flash Media Server 3. FMS 3 is available in 3 editions: Flash Media Streaming Server ($995) Flash Media Interactive Server ($4500) Flash Media Development Server (free, 10 simultaneous connections limit) You can find a side by side comparison of the 3 editions here but the most important new features from my opinion are: Limitations on bandwidth and connections limit have been lifted More secure content delivery (rtmpe, swf hashing) H.264 video and HE-AAC audio Audio/Video stream delivery to Flash Lite 3 Major improvements in performance AMF3 support and new plugin arhitecture AVChat and AVConference should work without any issues with FMS3 as a media server should you choose to use it. More links: Flash Media Server[…]