Hello, We’ve released a new build (3238) for AVChat 3 Video Chat Application for IP. Board 3.x. In this build we’ve changed the way it works: from cookies to native IP. Board code in integration.php, we’ve added a general settings page and some new cool features and permissions. New General Settings Page! Now, in your Admin CP area, AVChat 3 has a general settings page from where you can setup the most important options: RTMP Connectionstring, Allow Facebook/Twitter Connection, Facebook App ID, Twitter Customer Key, Open Method, Disconnect Link, Register Page Link, Login Page Link, etc. New Features & Improvements: Now your members can login in AVChat 3 with their Facebook or Twitter accounts. Facebook and Twitter share is now available in IP. Board AVChat 3 Application.[…]

These days we faced some annoying spam attacks on our forum and had to take some security measures that will share with everybody here. As first quick measures: 1) You have to ensure that the registration page contains at least a “Questions and answers challenge” and a CAPTCHA code. For those who don’t know, this area can be found in the AdminCP under the menu System->System Settings->Security and Privacy. We used to have re-captcha from Google before, but the bots were still getting in, so we switched to “Are you human PlayThru” to see if something changes. Here’s a graphic of user registrations due the past months where we can notice abuse of users registered:         2)[…]

In this post we will find out how to add a brand new video chat system in your IP.Board forum. Fom our studies, this is a very requested feature to add to your community, but if you came to this page, you already know this. To get the greatest IP.Board chat yet, we will need to download the latest version of AVChat 3 along with the latest integration kit for IP.Board. Now, let’s begin : Depending on your Media Server, here is what you need to upload and were: Red5: Upload the avchat30 folder from the AVChat 3.0.zip/Files to upload to your media server (Red5 0.8) folder to the webapps folder of your Red5 0.8 installation (C:Program FilesRed5webapps on Win, /opt/red5/webapps/ on Linux). Linux[…]

Hello everyone, I’m very excited to announce you that we made some very needed changes to the IP.Board Application! We now support the latest version of IP.Board (3.3.4) and most important, you can now have access to the AVChat permissions from the IP.board backend. Changelog: 1758: changed the tab name from “Flash Video Chat” to “Video Chat” 1678: updated to work with 3.3.4 version. 1650: old naming interfered with the “chat” application from IP.Board so we changed it to “videochat” 1577: minor bug repairs. The installation is made like any other IP.Board application. For update, you need to uninstall our last version (including the files from the actual directories) and after that proceed like a normal installation. Hope you will[…]

Our new AVChat 3 Application for IP.Board 3 provides full integration with an IP.Board 3 Forum. IP.Board Video Chat Forum Members will be able to: Login into the new IP.Board chat with their username and gender One to one, one to many and many to many public and private video chat Create & join multiple public and private rooms Access user profiles directly from the chat Link their profile image into the chat Share files with other members in chat rooms Watch YouTube movies into the chat rooms Admins will be able to: Configure permissions for each user group Kick/ Ban users Assign admin rights to other user groups and configure admin permissions. Other features: The application can be installed as any[…]