It seems there are quite a few issues with Adobe products running on the new  Mac OS X Lion One that affects us the most is the fact that the Privacy modal window in Flash Player asking you for permission to access your webcam can not be used anymore. The buttons don’t click. Our friends at have posted a workdaround for it that involves going into your System Preferences. Hopefully a new version of Flash Player will be released soon by Adobe that adresses this issue.

A new Joomla! 1.6 AVChat 3 component build is available for download in your client area: 1270. What’s new: open in popup without Joomla! template, in the AVChat 3 Settings Tab users can buzz permission admins/moderators can view (or not) users ips permission admins/moderators can kick/ban other admins/moderators permission admins/moderators can edit rooms permission admins/moderators can access the ban panel permission In order to have the updates, you just have to go to your client page provided after the purchase, download the new Joomla! components build, unpack the arhive, go to joomla1.6.x_component folder, unpack com_avchat3 and upload to your server these files: site/chat/integration.php to components/com_avchat3/chat site/views/avchat3/tmpl/default.php to components/com_avchat3/views/avchat3/tmpl/ admin/access.xml to administrator/components/com_avchat3/

You want to find out what version of Red5 is running on your server? There are a few ways: 1) Look at the Red5 welcome page on port 5080. To see the welcome page just go to in your web browser. It’s not the most accurate but it’s the fastest and you don’t need access to the Red5 installation. Here are the welcome screens for different versions. Red5 0.8 welcome page: Red5 0.9.1 welcome page: Red5 1.0 RC1 welcome page: 2) Look in docs/changelog.txt Look in the Red5 installation folder/docs/changelog.txt . You will immediately see the Red5 version there: 3) Pay attention to the Red5 startup log During startup, Red5 will show the Red5 version, here is where to[…]

In September we’ve been to iDate Paris to learn more about the dating industry in Europe! There, I’ve bumped into Patrick from Mö (the best dating site in Sweden), a client of mine from like 5 years ago! 🙂 We’ve launched , an umbrella web site for all our activity and products. Go to to learn more about us and our company! We have a resellers program, basically if you are a developer or a web development company you can get our products with up to 30% discount. We have an affiliates program, if you refer clients to our web site you can get a 25% commission on every sale you generate. We’re working hard on the new[…]

The AVChat integration kit for eMeeting is ready to be added to your eMeeting website now. The integration kit takes care of the integration (obviously! :)) between your eMeeting users and user levels and AVChat. How will it help your eMeeting website? Well,  it will drive members engagement and loyalty and it can drive up revenue by showing ads around the video chat or charging for access to it. Some of the integration features: Automatic username, gender and profile picture integration: users will have the same username, gender and profile picture in the web site and in the video chat. Different features for different user groups: you can control what features are enabled for each user level User profiles integration:[…]

I will be attending the iDate Conference in Paris this week to learn more about the industry and meet some of you guys using our products! I’ll be back on Saturday hopefully with a lot o feedback and new ideas! I’ve also prepared a coupon code for the duration of the conference: use idate during checkout and you’ll get 20% off any new AVChat license. Promotion available until Firday!

This morning at IBC in Amsterdam Adobe launched Flash Media Server 4. There will be 3 editions (Streaming, Interactive and Enterprise) + the free Developers edition. Check out the comparison matrix to see what’s included in each! Most notable improvements are: 64 bit support –> increased performance p2p/rtmfp support -> we’ll be able to do commercial p2p apps on top of FMIS4 Now the bad news: the price is the same, in the US  the Streaming edition is about $995.00 and the Interactive edition is about $4500 . the p2p/rtmfp goodies are only available in the Enterprise edition (very expensive) but hopefully Adobe’s FMIS hosting partners like will offer rtmfp/p2p support as standard in their hosting offers. More info:[…]

Starting with build 900, AVChat 3 introduces a new security feature called “token based authentication”. When enabled this prevents 3’rd party swf files (hosted on other web sites than your own or by malicious users) to connect to your media server. There are other security measures in place to prevent this however token based authentication is the most secure! This feature is turned off by default because with it enabled: it takes slightly more time for users to connect to the media server, it might cause some connection attempts to the media server over slow Internet connections to fail we’ve only had a few clients that really needed this feature! How o turn it on: install AVChat edit the settings[…]

AVChat  is pretty secure out of the box, however, there are steps you and your developers can take to make your AVChat installation even more secure. We have now grouped these steps in a NEW SERVICE we’ll offer called Secure your AVChat installation.  The service is priced at $199.  We will annalyze your AVChat and media server  installation and propose/implement security measures against a broad range of attacks. These are some of the measures we will take: Secure the data exchange  between the clients and the media server by using rtmpe or rtmps instead of plain rtmp. RTMPS communication leverages the proven security of SSL to wrap your RTMP session. RTMPE-based communication offers some of the benefits of RTMPS, but[…]