There are two ways to open the AVChat Video Chat Component in a pop up in Joomla!: Using Joomla!’s default method: Log in the administrator area of Joomla!. In the Menus area edit the link to AVChat 3. Set the On Click, Open in option to  New Window without Browser Navigation (screenshot below) Click Save. That’s it! Clicking the link in the menu will now open the video chat in a pop up. Using this method however you will not have control over the pop up dimensions A way that allows you to control the size of the pop up: For this you’ll need to login to your website with an FTP client (FileZilla is our favourite) and go to[…]

We’ve been working lately on making AVChat function properly on mobile phones. In the images below you can see a Nexus One with AVChat 3 running perfectly in the phone’s browser and streaming someone’s cam. Unfortunately its not yet possible to broadcast your phone’s camera/mic. This is just a proof of concept, but the modifications needed to run AVChat on Android will make their way into the next build. We also see a lot of space for innovation in the mobile space with the recently announced Flash Player and AIR for mobiles, so hopefully we’ll have more great news to share with you in the future on this topic!

We used to solve all AVChat issues by email, and it was wrong because all the info we’ve shared by email is now locked in those private email discussions, and believe me there’s a lot of useful info in those emails! That’s why we’ve now launched a proper, public, forum :,  to make all that „problem solving info” available to everyone! The entire AVChat team will be answering questions in there so expect proper deep technical documented answers. There are special areas for all our products including AVChat, the HD  video recorder and the audio recorder. The private and personal support by email is still available to our customers, the forum is just an addition!

We get a lot of questions regarding support for peer 2 peer in our applications. This post will answer most of them! The Stratus service Right now the only way to add p2p capability to a Flash video chat application is to use the Adobe Stratus service which is in beta. According to the Stratus Terms of Service you are not allowed to host an application using Stratus, the service might be terminated at any time, your use of the Stratus service can be revoked, etc… . What does this mean? It means that right now the Stratus service is offered to test p2p capabilities in Flash Player, not for use in commercial/production apps. But isn’t chatroulette using Stratus/p2p? Yes[…]

When AVChat 3 is opened in a pop up window you can use the [Leave Chat] button to close the pop up window: edit avc_settings.php or avc_settings.asp set $avconfig[‘disconnectButtonEnabled’]=1; set $avconfig[‘disconnectButtonLink’] = ‘javascript:window.close();‘; By default clicking [Leave Chat] takes you to a new web page instead of closing the window!

On the publisher side: Problem: low frame rate Solution(s): Increase the light in the room, natural light works best. Get a better web cam, good web cams capture a lot of frames with little light in the room. Lower the picture resolution requested by AVChat 3, some web cams just can’t capture 30fps at 400×300. Increase the movement in the shot, if there’s no movement Flash Player will not capture many frames/second because there’s no movement. Problem: video stream does not use entire allocated bandwidth Solution(s): Increase the light in the room, natural light works best. More light helps the web cam capture more details! Get a better web cam, good web cams capture a lot of detail with little[…]

The May Build of AVChat 3 (due next week) will have support for the Speex audio codec introduced in Flash Player 10. This will mean better audio quality,lower latency and less bandwidth usage than before! This is one of the reasons we’ve switched to Flash Player 10 for AVChat 3 starting with the April Build, other changes will include separate volume control for each web cam and proper behaviour when the users denies access to his web cam and mic. The old codec we’ve been using so far in AVChat 3, the NellyMoser Asao codec, was introduced in Flash Player 6 and was licensed by Adobe from NellyMoser Inc. . Because NellyMoser Inc. had the full rights to the audio[…]

Overview In order to show on your website who is logged in the video chat, AVChat 3 generates 2 external files in the folder where it is installed: users__definst_.txt -> a text file containing the number of unique users connected to the video chat users__definst_.xml -> an xml file containing the list of rooms and users in each room You will see these files ONLY AFTER THE FIRST USER (NOT ADMIN) LOGS IN THE VIDEO CHAT! Starting with build 2768 the external users list is generated even if someone joins the chat through the admin interface. You can use these 2 files to show on your website how many clients are logged in, the room structure or which clients are logged in! How[…]

This article no longer contains up to date information. A revised documentation can be found here. AVChat 3 supports emote icons and you can add your own emote icons if you want to! By default AVChat 3 uses the emote icons in the emoticonsstandardPack folder. The list of available emote icons in this pack is contained in emoticonsstandardPackemoticons.xml . You can edit this file to add and remove emote icons. To add an emote icon to the standard pack: Put the emote icon file (swf, jpg, png, gif) in the emoticonsstandardPack folder. Edit emoticonsstandardPackemoticons.xml and add a new e element before the final </emoticons> tag: <e text=”:newemoteicon:” url=”emoticons/standardPack/newemoteicon.swf”></e> Upload the new emote icon file and the changed emoteicons.xml file to your[…]

Ghost users are a known issue with all media servers. What is a ghost user? A ghost user is a user who’s disconnection from the media server has not been detected by the media server, thus the media server thinks he is still connected. In a chat you will know there are ghost users when you see 2-3 persons in the users list having the same user name or persons staying for unusual lenghts of time in the chat without activity. What causes ghost users? They happen when a user suddenly disconnects from the Internet while connected to a media server (for example by suddenly disconnecting your Ethernet cable or loosing WiFi signal) but in other occasions too like when[…]