AVChat 3.6.3 changes the mechanism for automatic room creation to make setting up AVChat easier for scenarios that involve multiple instances – as when using it as an IM. The server-side setting autoCreateDefaultRooms (which was available on Red5 and Adobe Media Server) has been deprecated and removed.  Its functionality has been replaced by the NEW defaultRooms setting/array. By default the defaultRooms setting contains 1 room called The Lobby. All new instances (the _definst_ part of the connection string) of AVChat will have this room unless you change the value of the defaultRooms array. The id of this room will be r0 across AMS and Red5. The rooms contained by the new setting will only be created if there are no rooms in the instance. The full description of the setting is available in[…]

This release is focused on issue fixing as well as polishing some recent features that were added in the prior release of AVChat 3.6. Mobile Client Changes Messages coming from the mobile client will now use the same fontsize set in the AVChat theme. Banning mobile users is now possible. Users can be banned by IP or Usernames just like desktop users. Mobile users can no longer join using an already used username. This works both ways, desktop users cannot join using a name used by a mobile user. Bugfixes Fixed issue which caused usernames that contained special characters to not display correctly in some instances (webcam requests, room invites, file uploads). Fixed issue with room names that contained special characters[…]

This update is focused on making changes and solving issues based on the feedback about the last version 3.5.1, received from you, our clients. New Settings And Functionality Implemented new setting thumbnailImageShape which controls the shape of the avatars in all the areas (users list, status bar, textchat). By default it is round. Implemented new setting hideTextChat which controls whether or not the text chat area is shown. Along with this the older setting enableAudioVideoOnlyMode has been removed completely, but it’s functionality can still be obtained combining some settings together including the newly added hideTextChat. The idea behind this change was to eliminate any kind of possible conflicts that would’ve occurred if enableAudioVideoOnlyMode was activated and other settings like allowVideoStreaming was also set separately. To give you an idea on how AVChat[…]

Hello everyone, We’ve just released a major update to AVChat 3 Module for Drupal 7 – build 3181. In this build  we’ve changed the way it works – from cookies to native Drupal code in integration.php, and we’ve added some cool new features and permissions. New Features & Improvements: Now your anonymous users / authenticated users can login in AVChat 3 with their Facebook or Twitter accounts. Facebook and Twitter share will now work properly with the Drupal Module. The AVChat 3 Mobile version will now be served when accessing the chat from a mobile device. AVChat 3 is now using SWFObject 2 for embedding the chat’s .swf. When AVChat is opened in a pop up window it now fills the entire window. No[…]

We have released an update for build 3078. This update fixes the following issues: Fixed issue with the mobile client not joining rooms on Red5. Fixed issue with the reported users shared object synchronizing every time upon a client connection, causing the Reports button to show as new reports have been added. This only happened on Red5. Fixed issue with a login text element not aligning properly if Facebook and Twitter login was disabled. Fixed issue with user items having a ‘bumpy’ appearance in the users list. Fixed issue with the ‘eye’ icon overlapping with the moderator icon in some cases. Fixed issue on the mobile client, that caused the vertical scroll in the text chat and rooms list to not[…]

We have released an update to the latest build. This update fixes a security issue related to the new report user feature. The sendReport API is now called by the media-server. For this, a new setting has been added (sendReportScriptURL) in the media server settings files. It is used to set the path to the sendReport API. By default the media server detects the path automatically, but if the API file is moved from the default location (AVChat installation directory), the new path can be specified using the above setting. Other changes and fixes: Report snapshot filenames now include a random number. The new filename format is: randomNumber_userSiteId_CAM.jpg and randomNumber_userSiteId_TEXT.jpg  Reports made by different users for the same user are now properly displayed in[…]