This article no longer contains up to date information. A revised documentation can be found here.

AVChat 3 supports emote icons and you can add your own emote icons if you want to!

By default AVChat 3 uses the emote icons in the emoticonsstandardPack folder. The list of available emote icons in this pack is contained in emoticonsstandardPackemoticons.xml . You can edit this file to add and remove emote icons.

To add an emote icon to the standard pack:

  1. Put the emote icon file (swf, jpg, png, gif) in the emoticonsstandardPack folder.
  2. Edit emoticonsstandardPackemoticons.xml and add a new e element before the final </emoticons> tag:
    <e text=”:newemoteicon:” url=”emoticons/standardPack/newemoteicon.swf”></e>
  3. Upload the new emote icon file and the changed emoteicons.xml file to your web site.

In the <e text=”:newemoteicon:” url=”emoticons/standardPack/newemoteicon.swf”></e> XML code:

  • :newemoteicon: is the text that will be replaced in the text chat with the new emote icon
  • emoticons/standardPack/newemoteicon.swf is the path to the emote icon

Some things you should know:

  • AVChat 3 only supports 14x14px .swf, .jpg, .png or .gif files as emote icons.
  • Emote icons larger or smaller than 14×14 will not display properly!
  • Animated GIF’s are not supported (Flash Player limitation).
  • You can also make your own pack with its own emoteicons.xml list file. The path to the emoteicons.xml file used by AVChat 3 can be changed from via the emoticonsurl variable.

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