Both AVChat and AVConference load the words and phrases used in the admin and user interfaces from external .xml files. These .xml files are plain text files that can be edited with any text editor.

In order to change a word in the interfaces, to translate the entire interface in another language or to change the initial welcome message you just need to edit these files and change whatever you need!

You will find these .xml files in the /en/ folder:

  • en/index_en.xml for the user interface texts
  • en/admin_en.xml for the admin interface texts

If you are using the chat software as a Joomla component, the files are most probably in components/com_avchat/en/ .

IMPORTANT: After editing the .xml files and uploading them back to your web server, make sure you refresh a few times the chat software so that the Flash Player picks up the new versions.

Future versions of our chat software will support having several such .xml files for each interface. This way you will be able to add one .xml file for each language you want to offer to your visitors.

3 thoughts on “Changing the interface texts and welcome message in AVChat 2, 3 and AVConference

  1. werner says:

    hi, i have changed the language into dutch, but now i changed the background colour of te chat into black.
    How do ik change the welcome text in the chat, like :

    Welcome to the avchat 3. o user interface..etc… <- this is still in black, i want it to be white, but can''t seem to change it???

    Anyone can help me?? thanks in andvance

    regards werner (holland)

    1. Octavian says:

      It is not possible to change the color of the welcome message at this time.

      I have added this on our TODO list for the next build.

  2. Octavian says:

    A way to control the color of the welcome and history messages in AVChat has been developed today by the dev team. This new “feature” will be available with the next build of AVChat due in September.

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