Our Community PRO plugin for WordPress just got a small bugfix update.

Here’s what’s fixed:

  • Removed some line breaks in the source code which caused AVChat to show up lower on the page than were embedded
  • AVChat now has a transparent background when embedded in a page or post (transparent background was mistakenly removed in 3.1.1)
  • AVChat’s enableModeratorForRoomsusersCanInviteToViewCam and usersCanInviteToRoom options were always disabled regardless of the permissions set in WP’s backend
  • Removed Ignore PMs permission linked to AVChat’s showIgnorePMsButton  since it’s not supported by AVChat anymore

2 thoughts on “Community PRO 3.1.2 Now Available

  1. DJ Chatta says:

    Can you clarify “AVChat’s showIgnorePMsButton since it’s not supported by AVChat anymore ” – does this mean that users will not be able to ignore pms or just that the setting to make it available is no longer there (?)

    Also, fixing this -> “enableModeratorForRooms” – OMG thank you! thank you! thank you!

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