The 3.1 version of our Community PRO plugin for WordPress is now available for download.

This updates solves some of the issues that have cropped up in the last few months but also brings the code in line with the recommendations in the latest versions of WordPress:

  • The plugin will not conflict anymore with it’s younger brother (Community Lite) since PRO 3.1 now uses different db tables while Lite 2.2 uses a different short code.
  • Side menu entry is now Community PRO to avoid confusions
  • Plugin now supports different wp-content folders (wp-content folder name was hardcoded)
  • Fixed issue with Ultimate Member plugin breaking avatars in AVChat
  • We’re now using the wp_get_current_user() function instead of the deprecated get_currentuserinfo()
  • Improved security around accessing the admin area
  • Better copy and links around installation warnings
  • Fixed wonky text in tabbed menu
  • Fixed issue with the plugin not accessing the permissions in some WordPress installations
  • Lot’s of small improvements to code (formatting, comments, prevent PHP Notices, etc.)

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