The login screen in AVChat 3 shows up to ask the user for its username and gender. However if you provide these info’s via avc_settings.php or avc_settings.asp the login is not needed anymore so it will be skipped!

So this is what you need to do in order to auto login users:

  • set the value of $config[‘username’] to something (like the username of the person logged in the website)
  • change the value of $config[‘gender’] to male, female or couple
  • set $config[‘changegender’]=0; so the user will not be given the chance to change its gender
  • set $config[‘changeuser’]=0; so the user will not be¬†given the chance to change its username

You can also use $config[‘disableGenderSelection’] to disable the gender selection altogether and $config[‘coupleGenderEnabled’] to disable the couple gender.

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