Ever wondered what users would appreciate on a SocialEngine website?

Besides the obvious features found on SocialEngine PHP, the next best thing that we found after we’ve made a survey is that almost all of them would certainly appreciate a video chat application on a site they’re registered. And after installing our video chat plugin for their websites, owners said that users got more engaged and spent a lot more time on their site.

Owners also said that at first, the users didn’t know about the extension and didn’t interact to much. So they had to make them aware of the full benefits of the video chat. here’s how they did it:

  • Some of them hosted talk shows using the video chat and after that let the users interact with themselves.
  • Others just put other people’s speeches or music videos inside the chat,
  • But at first they all had to advertise on their site about the meeting place at a specific time, for the owner to get as many people as possible onto the video chat.
  • And they said that until they haven’t accustomed the users to check the video chat every time they visited their website, they kept bringing new content and making contests over the video chat.

Once they did all of the above, they saw that the small investment had paid off really fast. And more than that, the user database began to grow substantially.

What I have learned from this is that even though you have a good video chat extension for SocialEngine PHP, it still isn’t enough if site owners don’t engage people into participating on interactive discussions.

Just bring people together and discuss about anything you want! Also, a very important aspect of the video chat is the impression that sends to the users. Users respond visibly better to a full screen chat in which they only see the content of the chat, the online users and other people cameras. They are more willingly to engage and put themselves into the chat mood and interact more freely if they have all the information on the screen and see a lot of people doing all sorts of stuff, so they open up and start to be extremely comfortable. This issue may not seem much, but it makes a whole lot of difference.

And in the end, there’s always the money problem. How can a video chat extension make me more money? Here are two approaches that site owners take:

  • One is to put targeted banners around the video chat and
  • second is to let free users join the video chat and see the benefits , but only with a very limited list of features. So after they get a taste of what they can benefit, they will surely pay for their membership.

Today you can add the most powerful video chat plugin for SocialEngine PHP to your SE4 PHP site and see the benefits right away. Just try the new AVChat 3 together with the SE4 integration kit and tell me what you think! But don’t take my word for it and just head over to the SocialEngine site to see what other people say about our product! Don’t forget to leave a replay below if you want to learn more about our product or have suggestions about how we can make this chat better. All answers are appreciated! We really want to make this the best video chat for SocialEngine PHP!

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