Based on our customers suggestions we decided to improve the Drupal 6 Module for AVChat 3 . We reorganized it, we changed the way it works, and most important we added some cool new features:


  • User profiles can now be accessed directly from the chat.
  • The users list now shows the profile pictures (works only if “User Settings->Picture Support” is enabled from Administer)
  • Settings for each user role. If one user is assigned to more user roles, then the module will take the best value (Example: A user is assigned to two roles: authenticated and gold member. Free Video Time for “authenticated” role is 1 hour and for “gold members” role is 2 hours. The module will allow the user to have 2 hours of Free Video Time)
  • The possibility to choose in “Administer” between two modes of displaying the chat: Popup Window or Embedded in a web site page.
  • New permissions added for users who have access to “Flash Video Chat Admin Area”.
  • Clean Url friendly

What’s changed:

  • Less cookies (no more than 3)
  • It can be installed in /modules/ folder directly (it can still be installed in /sites/all/modules/)
  • No more paths incompatibility: the paths to the swfs are now relative to $base_url
  • Updated permissions page

All these goodies are available in the Drupal 6 Module from our latest build (603).

To get the new Drupal 6 module download it again from your client download page. The link should be in your delivery email.

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