I’m Lucian and I’m now responsible for integrating AVChat with WordPress and all other CMS’ AVChat integrates with. I have recently taken on the task from Radu.

We decided to start the year with a huge overhaul for our WordPress video chat plugins. We took a good look at the highest rated WordPress plugins and made a promise to reflect things we’ve seen and loved into our own plugins. Therefore, we present you with two major upgrades that will ease the AVChat administration and give your WordPress website users and admins a much better experience:

The Standard plugin can be downloaded for free from wordpress.org or from your own WordPress backend while the PRO version costs $49.

Introducing Video Chat Plugin PRO 3.0 for WordPress

  1. The WordPress plugin now has its own menu in the WordPress backend.
  2. The backend interface has been completely redesigned
  3. All options are now explained in detail, many with examples and use cases.
  4. New tab menu to navigate between General Settings, Permissions and Facebook & Twitter Options.
  5. Added a new page in the backend from where you can enter AVChat. This is most useful for user roles with backend access.
  6. Included a feedback form from where you can email support directly. Your suggestions and bug reports are always  welcome.

Introducing the Video Chat Plugin Standard 2.0 for WordPress

The changes in the Standard version are similar to the ones for PRO. Here is the exact changelog:

  • the plugin now has it’s own menu in the WP backend (previous: inside Settings);
  • interface redesign for the plugin’s backend area;
  • plugin’s settings have now been reorganized in a tabbed menu;
  • all options are now explained in detail, many with examples;
  • fixed small bugs and typos;
  • included a feedback form where you can send your questions or suggestions;
  • you can now acess AVChat’s admin area from the WP backend.

Download & Upgrade

For the PRO version:

The new Video Chat PRO Plugin can be downloaded from your client area at https://nusofthq.com/c/. A direct link to your client area has also been sent by email when you made the purchase.

Steps for upgrading the PRO version:

  • Back-up your old plugin files.
  • Download and unzip the archive. A new folder avchat-3-pro will appear.
  • On your server, upload the new folder in your WordPress plugin directory, /wp-content/plugins over your existing avchat-3-pro folder.
  • You will be asked to overwrite the files – select Yes.
  • That’s it. Check your WordPress backend.

For the Standard version:

The new Video Chat Standard Plugin is available on WordPress.org/plugins/avchat-3 and can also be downloaded from within the WordPress backend (Plugins section).
Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 12.36.05


Upgrading the Standard version will remove the actual AVChat files so you will need to copy them again from the AVChat archive to the /wp-content/plugins/avchat-3 folder.

Have fun chatting!

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