The new build is more than just a simple update, it’s a reflection of how should we make our customers really satisfied with our product and of our vision of clear and easy to use software. So in this release we updated the installation instructions and the documentation page, we updated the archive’s contents to make it easier to understand and we even made a video explaining what’s new.

As I was saying, for the first time, Naicu did a video to show what’s new in this update. Here it is:

And here’s the full list of improvements made to this integration kit:

  • We introduced the possibility to control the visitors permissions from the Joomla! backend. And thus you will be able to control what visitors are able to do in the video chat, give them a little glimpse of what they will gain by registering on your website.
  • Added new permissions to the AVChat component that can be controlled from the backend( like the ability to silence users or kick other admins).
  • Revised permissions naming and description for a better understanding of what they’re doing.
  • Improved documentation to be easier to understand and follow.
  • Renamed the folders from the archive for a better understanding.
  • AVChat permissions will work in the Joomla!’s backend as well.
  • Because the June build of AVChat will move the background controls to style.css, the background image option from the General Settings Tab has been removed.

We hope that these major improvements will be greatly welcomed and we want to hear your thoughts about this.

Update instructions : http://avchat.net/support/documentation/joomla#s14

You can get the new build (1561) from your private client area.

2 thoughts on “Major update to the AVChat Integration Kit for Joomla! 1.6-2.5 (June 1561)

  1. I cannot see this linked page. I need to see it hoping it will help me with permissions problems. Please let me know where it is moved to.

  2. Octavian says:

    The correct link for the update tutorial is now http://avchat.net/support/joomla#15

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