Most of the effort for this build has gone into optimizing the code for handling lots of users (hundreds of users in one room) but there are also some new neat features and UI improovements and a few bug fixes.

New features:

  • When a person leaves the room or the chat his web cam closes for the users who were watching him.
  • Moved auto scroll/disable join/leave messages/sound toggle buttons to the bottom of the text chat area:
  • Added option in the chat interface to disable the picture/YouTube videos previews (see above).
  • Improoved memory usage monitor with current + max values and fps display:
  • Flash Player 10 is now required, more on that in a future post.
  • Admins can now also enter full rooms.
  • Added 2 server side variables to control the ghost users detection & disconnection script (if using FMIS see settings.asc, if using Red5 or Wowza see
  • Added option in to select the default sort mechanism for the users list.
  • Added option in to NOT show emote icons in the text chat area.
  • General code optimizations and improvements for when handling large numbers of users.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed issue with admins not being able to join closed rooms in some cases.
  • When sending a picture to someone the pictur was not shown to the sender.
  • Fixed issue with the viewers users list not being updated in real time in some cases.
  • If a hidden admin views your webcam, the number of viewers does not increase anymore.
  • fixed some issues with avatar images not scaling when they were loaded from a different domain than the one on which the chat was installed on.
  • fixed issue with the previous build not connecting to FMS2.
  • The way the rooms list sorts does not reset with every update of the rooms list

How to get the new AVChat 3 build:

  • download the software again from your client area

How to update your installation:

  • in the usual way: overwrite ALL the old files (including the en.xml language file and the media server files) and restart the media server!
  • if the above fails make a clean clean  install!

6 thoughts on “New AVChat 3 build (741, April release)

  1. Mike says:

    Great stuff guys! (Was the recording of streams in Wowza fixed too?)

  2. Octavian says:

    Refer to the article below for info on how to turn on stream recording on AVChat3/Wowza :

  3. issjut says:

    I’m still not very enthusiastic aboutabout the fact that the webcams start up in the middle of the chat area!

    Please undo this change or make it available as an option eg. organized at the top or not.

    Thanks in advance!

  4. Hector Vega says:

    I hope you could make an option to move on the top the webcams shown as did before.

    Thank you!


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