New features:

  • Better audio quality (Speex codec now used by default).
  • Users become idle (by default after 1 minute of no activity in the chat, this value can be changed from
  • You can now control the volume for each audio/video stream in particular and mute or go fullscreen with one click:volume-control
  • You can now change the color of the text chat area background (edit style.css, white by default).
  • If the user denies access to his webcam/mic the [Start My Webcam] button will show up again.
  • You can now drag windows by clicking anywhere in them (not just on the title).
  • Better ghost users detection (the users list attempts not to show the ghost users, fix for the IE issue on the standalone version)
  • vBulletin 4 compatibility

Bugs solved:

  • Some issues with writing Unicode characters in the text chat logs
  • Issue with UI being scrambled sometimes when streaming was turned off completely
  • Issue with user item side menu sometimes disappearing when the user being clicked was in the lower part of the users list.
  • Issue with the external users/rooms list not being updated and not having special characters escaped
  • Absolute number of users in external file (instead of teh sum of users in all rooms)
  • When sorting by cams/mics the groups that form are now sorted by username!

How to get the new AVChat 3 build:

  • download the software again from your client area

How to update your installation:

  • in the usual way: overwrite ALL the old files (including the en.xml language file and the media server files) and restart the media server!
  • if the above fails make a clean clean  install!

5 thoughts on “New AVChat 3 build (800, May release)

  1. Ans says:

    Great news AVChat Team,
    Thank you for this release!
    Just a question. Will this build be applied to phpFox intergration?

    Thank you,

    1. Octavian says:

      >Will this build be applied to phpFox intergration?
      Yes all integration kits get updated when a new build is released!

  2. Ans says:

    Thank you Octavian Naicu,
    It is my first update! I’m glad to hear.
    Thank you for the great work and have a nice day.


  3. Lucky says:

    Nice build … love it .
    Would be nice if ya change the emoticon size in next build .. 14px emoticons are very small , the away ( idle) function is focused only on mouse events.. if you write you still gone idle…
    not usefull like that.. would be better if a user can turn his idle mode himself… like an away function i think….

    Anyway… thx for the great work.. keep it up…

    The next upgrade will be this year for me 😉

  4. Heming says:

    This version does not work with FMS2. How do we enable access to older versions?

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