We have put a new build of AVChat 3 up today, this build (340) includes a lot of new small features and some important bug fixes.

New features:

  • You can now drag and resize the text chat area, other people’s web cams and the banned users window. A new red arrow is present in the lower right side corner of these windows:
    red arrow
  • A new users list type which shows the avatar in a small format:
  • Avatars (when available) are also shown in the side menu for each user:
  • Added Sort by gender option:
  • The banned users windows also shows the IP and user name of the person that added the ban
  • When you buzz someone a confirmation message shows up: You buzzed ABC
  • Better positioning for other people’s webcams
  • Added new config option (adminCanViewPrivateStreamsWithoutPermission) for the admin to be able to view private streams without needing permission
  • Added new config option (adminCanViewPrivateMessages) for the admin to see private messages or not
  • Added new config option (fontsize) to control the size of the text in the text chat area
  • Default  font size for the text chat has been increased to 12px
  • Added new config options (kbmessages, jlmessages) to control if the joined/left and banned/kicked messages are shown in the chat
  • The Joomla Component now also contains proper integration with the JomSocial Component, but more on that in a new blog post!

Bug fixes:

  • Translation missing: Private chat with ABC
  • The Loading Settings message can now be translated using the lstext Flahvar
  • Zooming using the mouse wheel while in fullscreen caused the UI to go bonkers
  • Fixed issue with empty spaces at the right of the users in the users list
  • Fixed issue with empty spaces between the users in the users list
  • The writeUsersList setting in avchat3.properties in the Red5 server side files did not work
  • On Red5 the kick message was not being sent properly to the chat rooms
  • On Red5 sometimes the text chat history shared objects were not being cleared out resulting in large history shared object files
  • Some Drupal 5/6 fixes

How to get the new AVChat 3 release

You can obtain the latest AVChat 3 files by downloading the software again using the download link from the delivery/trial email. You will automatically download the latest build which includes all the bug fixes and feature enhancements mentioned in this post .

After downloading them:

  • do a clean install or
  • overwrite all the old files including the FMS/Red5 server side files

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