What’s new?

  • Users can now mute the sounds they hear when new messages kick in public/private rooms:
  • Changed the way images are shown in the chat, now with disappearing Loading… messages and File not found notifications.
  • The Red5 version got a new ghosts connections disconnection script..
  • Admins can not ban other admins anymore (client side protection and server side protection for security).
  • The text chat now contains only the last 100 items (messages,images,YT movies) to prevent it from using up all the computer’s memory when the video chat was used fora very looong time (we know! it creates addiction! 🙂 ).
  • Added some new/missing strings to the language file (Loading…, File not found! and You are not  frequenting the same rooms anymore! ).
  • On Red5 AVChat 3 now generates a log file for every day instead of a giant log file.

What’s fixed?

  • A small Red5 memory leak which resulted in Red5 crashing after many many many hours/days of running.
  • Selected rooms in the rooms list would get unselected if the rooms list was updated.
  • The side menu for users now shows up properly when the user is at the bottom of the users list:
  • On Red5 denying access to private streams was not working in some cases.
  • On Red5 banning was not working properly in some cases.

How to get the new AVChat 3 release

You can obtain the latest AVChat 3 build by downloading the software again using the download link from the delivery/trial email.

After downloading the new build:

  • do a clean install or
  • overwrite all the old files including the FMIS/Red5 server side files

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