Just like the title says, we now provide a native AVChat 3 Plugin for WordPress that handles the integration between the user management system in WordPress and AVChat 3.

Some of the Features:

  • automatic username recoginition (AVChat 3 will automatically recognize the usernames of users logged in the WordPress web site )
  • allows different permissions and settings for each user role directly from admin area
  • it installs as any other WordPress plugin
  • is compatible with SEO friendly URL’s in WordPress
  • administrators can configure basic AVChat 3 settings (like the rtmp connectionstring) directly from the admin area

The price for the AVChat 3 Video Chat Plugin for WordPress is $49 and it’s available when you buy AVChat 3.

To buy it go to the purchase page and select one of the  AVChat 3 licenses + the WordPress plugin.

Visit the AVChat 3 Video Chat Plugin for WordPress page for more details and screenshots.

PS: We are also working on some other features for this plugin like a Who’s chatting module that will allow you to show on your WordPress website who is actively logged in the video chat. If you have other great ideas drop us a line at contact@avchat.net.

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