We’ve done a few silent builds lately in order to fix some particular issues some of our clients had. For a while build 1162 has been online and available for download, this blog post will summarize most of the bug fixes that have been done since our latest build (1106).

There are only a few tiny new features:

  • rooms panel now covers more area inside the video chat (about 80% of the available space), we had complaints that the rooms panel was too small.
  • you can now change the appearance (font, size, color, bold, italica) of the texts in the LOGIN, LOADING SETTINGS and CONNECTING screens, see  fontMainLabels in style.css :
  • you can now change the size and color of the text in the input text field, see fontInputText in style.css:
  • removed all documentation from the integration kits as it has all been moved (and improved) to http://avchat.net/support/documentation/
  • ability to specify and show flags (or any other icons or images) besides a user in the users list , see profileCountryFlag in avc_settings.xxx
  • ability to show UPGRADE button in the top bar for some users, see upgradeUrl in avc_settings.xxx
  • revised Social Engine 4 module (compatible with SE4.1)
  • profileUrl in avc_settings.xxx can now take the whole profile URL, the value is not dependant on profileKey anymore

Security improvements:

  • when admin functions are called on the media server, we now first check the callers ip against the list of pre-approved admin ips
  • files in the avchat30 folder can not be accessed any more via the browser when port 5080 is open

Issues fixed:

  • fixed issue with users list being very slow when using the debug version of Flash Player . The debug version of Flash Player is itself slower but the users list was just  unsusable, and it was our fault!
  • fixed issue with running multiple instances of one avchat30 app on Red5
  • fixed issues with running multiple avchat30 apps on the same Red5 server
  • fixed issue with delivering &gender=admin from avc_settings.xxx to index.swf
  • removed Red5 0.9 folder from the delivery archive because people would assume it worked correctly on Red5 0.9 (it does not and there’s nothing we can do about it)
  • fixed issue with token_request.php having some sort of weird invisible charcter at the beginning preventing it from working on some php setups

How to upgrade?

Download the new files from the client/trials area and overwrite all the old files (including the ones on the Red5/FMIS/Wowza media server) . If that fails make a clean install.

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