Most of the work this month has gone into developing the AVChat Integration kit for Joomla! 1.6 but we have a few updates regarding AVChat too 😉 here they are:

  • No more (blue) chrome around the text chat area (was kind of useless)
  • Mute all streams button in the status bar at the top
  • Different sounds for when receiving:
    • private messages (different beep, sounds/private.mp3)
    • request to view your private webcam (short ring sounds/videorequest.mp3)
  • Different icons for the OFF states of some buttons in the text chat area
  • Admin can now view the banned usernames list and remove any of them
  • When banning ip ranges you can now use spaces betwen the ips and the dash like this: –
  • Top Status bar now has rounded corners (or not), in line with the rest of the UI, depending on the values in style.css
  • Better design integration for the  Joomla!, Drupal, and SocialEngine integration kits. The AVChat background is now transparent, the website colors come trough.

See the attached image for an overview of the changes:

Changes in AVChat build 1245
Changes in AVChat build 1245

Also fixed:

  • FMS ony: Issue with banning offline users (banning users that have left trough the ban links in the text chat area) not working
  • Red5 only: In the rare cases where non-admins try to execute admin functions their ip and the function they were trying to execute are now properly stored in the avchat30 log.
  • In the admin login area the ADMIN and HIDDEN gender labels are now properly coloured with the value from style.css
  • There were 2 profileUrl vars in avc_settings.aspx.cs and no upgradeUrl

How to upgrade?

You can download the latest build from your client/trial area, to install just overwrite the old files (including the files on the media server: Red5/FMIS/Wowza)

3 thoughts on “New AVChat Build (May, 1252) Available

  1. Miguel says:

    Where are the upgrade instructions?
    Thank you!

  2. Octavian says:

    I just added them, thanks for the heads up!

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